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 Chapter 5: Robot Talk _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
 Back at the hideout, P.I.X.A.L was maintaining the power room, one because she wanted to learn more about the technology used, and two, she couldn't stand the thought of being away from Zane.

 Zane could sense her movements around the room, he smiled, "You know you don't have to always be with me, but I do recommend you to stay." P.I.X.A.L looked at the computer screen, she beamed, "How is it that you seem to read my mind so well?"

 "Well I am in the systems, it's not too difficult to enter your thoughts, but not to invade," Zane joked, chuckling. P.I.X.A.L smiled, she loved it when Zane laughed, she couldn't help but giggle herself. Her happy thoughts were interrupted by a darker thought, will they even be able to rebuild Zane before Cryptor manages to get what he wants? Or will he be shut down permanently before the process is finished? Zane seemed to notice her concern, "What's the matter?"

 P.I.X.A.L snapped back to reality, "Oh, nothing to be concerned about."

 "Well judging by your expression, I can tell there is something bothering you, is something wrong?" Zane asked. P.I.X.A.L did not want to worry Zane, but she also knew that he would keep asking until he finally got an answer, so she sighed and decided to tell him, "I'm just...anxious about something."

 Zane was confused, "About what?"

 "You," P.I.X.A.L replied, her eyes filled with mighty concern, "I'm worried that we might not be able to finish your physical form before Cryptor's plan is to finish, what if he manages to..." she stopped herself, she didn't dare say it, for the words that came to her mind were too dark and grieving for her. Zane seemed to understand, he eyed P.I.X.A.L with sorry eyes, he didn't like it when she was unhappy.

 "Do not worry about me," Zane stated with comfort. P.I.X.A.L looked up at her love, a puzzled look on her features. "Worry about more important things, such as whether Cryptor will succeed or not in his plan of revenge," he explained.

 P.I.X.A.L was bewildered, "But, you are important to the mission! You might be the only individual to stop him!" she stated.

 Zane pondered at that, "Perhaps. But, I do not believe he will succeed, if I know my brothers, they'll make sure whatever he's planning is to be put to an end, trust me." P.I.X.A.L knew this, she could trust Zane, and his friends, but she also knew that Cryptor was a loyal servant to the Overlord, and she knew, without a doubt, that he would stop at nothing until his masters wishes are sought out. But yet, Zane told her not to be anxious about those things...sure, his friends were very skilled, and they wouldn't allow Cryptor's plans to carry themselves out, but can she really rely on that? For now, she put her thoughts aside, she'll come to a conclusion later, right now she had other things to think of, such as whether Zane was going to be rebuilt or not.

 She looked up at the screen and sighed, "Well. If you say so. I guess I'll figure that out later."

 Zane smiled, "Good, and don't worry about a thing. We are going to make sure Cryptor doesn't continue on his current project."

 "Speaking of projects," P.I.X.A.L pulled out a copy of Zane's blueprints, "How about we get started on yourself?"

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 5]
But now heres chapter five, Robot Talk, and we have some pixane moments in there, yey ^^ for all of you that ship it, here you go! I hope you forgive me for my lazy writing, I revised the best I could, I'm sure the next chapter will be longer than this, I'm sure. Anyway, I better wrap this up so I don't bore you, until next time, have an awesome Sunday guys, and thanks for reading!

 Chapter 4: General's Thought

 New Ninjago City was not doing too well, for one thing, it had been renamed to Nindroid City, which Cryptor ruled with such greatness. The citizens had no choice but to obey everything he said, so not only were they trapped in their own city, they had become slaves to the enemy.

 General Cryptor was enjoying this, he had everything he needed, but to him not quite, there was still one thing he wanted most, something he wanted more than order, respect, and servants, the thing he wanted most, was revenge.

 "If only I can find those blasted ninja!" he slammed his fists onto the table in anger, for once, he felt stumped, his men had searched all over Ninjago, but no luck on finding his targets, he felt hatred and anger rise up in his circuits, how amazing, a robot can access only a few feelings, anger and hatred, not much, but to him it was the only thing he could comply with. Now if only he could use his anger for something useful, like putting an end to the ninja and the light in the world, he wanted to do it more than anything else, but how to when he couldn't even locate them?

 Ninja are masters of the hide and seek, but its as if their playing by their rules, and not mine. he thought. He glanced at the grand map on the computer that run the whole tower and city, in this very computer the Overlord once was, a virus wanting to finish what he started all those years ago, but now that he has gone, he couldn't even see it being accomplished. Cryptor, being oh so loyal to him, decided to finish his master's dying wish, take over Ninjago, and enslave everyone so there's no chance of hope or light in the world, a world only filled with fear, hatred, and gloom was all Cryptor wanted. Not to mention the fact, the Overlord would indeed reward him if he was even there, a reward he would take with pride, then boast it to his men's faces. But he also remembered something else, the Anocandrai General, Pythor had as well been his right-hand man, he was the only reason the ninja couldn't defeat them by eating the pill, but he had shrunk and was probably gobbled up by the ice ninja's falcon, just right before the Overlord was put to an end by the ice Nindroid himself.

 Perhaps, he could get a little help from the Anocandrai, yes, this could prove to be useful. Cryptor called in two of his men, they quickly entered, ready for orders. Cryptor walked to both of them and commanded, "Find the last remaining Anocandrai, he might be still alive, but please, careful where you step, he's been shrunk and it would be most appreciated if you don't squash him." The Nindroids nodded and went off to carry out their duties, Cryptor then sat in his throne-like chair, a smug grin plastered on his robotic face, he could hardly wait until his revenge was finally served.

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 4]
Well, this chapter was short, wasn't it, but oh well, its better than nothing aint it? Anyways, it seems Cryptor is calling in some new recruits, those including a certain Anocandrai which you all remember being shrunken down to size, and I highly recommend all those who have NOT seen the final episodes of Ninjago: Rebooted NOT to read this, because some major spoilers will be references, so those who don't want any, move along, nothing to see here! To all my brothers and sisters that HAVE seen them, I only hope you guys come back for more, that's all I can say for now, have a Splendid Saturday guys and thanks for reading!
  Chapter 3: I Shall

"Hmm," Jay and Cole were playing Go Fish with a deck of cards, both were equally tied, which was pure boredom for both.

 "Got any threes?" Cole asking, almost yawning. Jay shook his head, "Go Fish..."

 However, just as Cole reached for the card, the door to the hideout burst open, the two glanced at the doorway to see an exhausted and damaged P.I.X.A.L "H-Help," she then fell to the floor, finally collapsing from exhaustion.

 With a few short repairs from Jay, she began operating again. "W-What happened," she groaned feeling her head.

 "We were about to ask you the same question. Why were you running? Aren't you supposed to be at Borg Tower along with Cyrus Borg?" Cole asked. P.I.X.A.L frowned, "Yes, but, there seems to have been a certain invasion."

 "Invasion? By who?" Jay asked.

 "Nindroids," P.I.X.A.L answered clearly. Everyone looked at each other in surprise, "Nindroids?" P.I.X.A.L nodded, frowning, "They have taken over Borg Tower, and have Cyrus Borg in captivity. I do not know what they are to do to him, but I feel it's something cruel."

 "Why would they come back after so many years? It makes no sense," Kai stated, confused in thought.

 "I believe General Cryptor wants his revenge on all of you for putting an end to the Overlord's plans, my only choice was to flee towards here, so I can gain assistance on stopping him," P.I.X.A.L explained. Sensei stroked his beard, "Revenge? How interesting. But how is he to do that with such a small army?"

 "Borg Tower is the very birthplace of the Nindroid army, it is without a doubt that taking over Borg Tower was the first phase of Cryptor's plan," P.I.X.A.L replied, "it would be quite simple to create more forces more dangerous than before."

 "Well this is just great! Now the entire city of Ninjago has been taken over, and if Cryptor succeeds, maybe the whole world will be too!" Jay shrieked.

 "We mustn't give up hope, Jay," Sensei stated calmly, "we must train hard and put an end to Cryptor's plans for revenge, the whole fate of Ninjago depends on it. P.I.X.A.L, are you able to contact any defensive units from New Ninjago City?"

 P.I.X.A.L shook her head, "No, I'm not powerful enough to get a message out to all the robot patrols." Then her eyes lit up with hope, "But I contain someone who is."

 She asks if they have a power room, Nya replied with a firm yes. Confused, the rest lead the assistant to her requested location, it was certainly filled with computers and some technician tools, plus security cameras. P.I.X.A.L hooked up the hard rive to the grand computer.
 "Wait, isn't that the same hard rive that contained the Overlord back when he was a virus?" Jay asked.

 "Yes it is, however, it does not contain a virus, not anymore," P.I.X.A.L responded. Once the hard rive was inserted, the screen of the computer turned a light blue. Then, everyone heard Zane's voice, "W-Where am I?"

 Everyone's eyes widen in shock, "ZANE?!"

 "Guys?" he was surprised, yet at the same time happy to hear them, "I never thought I'd get to hear you guys again."

 "Well, neither did we expect to hear you either! How are you alive, and what are you doing in Borg's hard rive?!" Kai shrieked.

 "Well, when I defeated the Overlord, my spirit became one with the tower's systems, so they spared me from being obliterated. I don't know how, but technically that's the only logical way I survived," Zane explained. The rest smiled at one another, they were glad to hear that Zane was ok.

 "Wait! Is P.I.X.A.L ok?!" the Nindroid yelled through panic.

 "I'm fine, Zane, its only some minor damages," P.I.X.A.L said in comfort. Zane sighed in relief, "Thank goodness. If Cryptor might as shut you off for all eternity, I would lose it."

 "Sooo, now that we know your alive, why is it that you haven't built yourself another, you know, body?" Jay asked.

 "I've been trying, but I cant seem to find the right parts that were listed in my blueprints, especially my power source. P.I.X.A.L said it is unique, so it must be rare," Zane explained briefly. Kai spoke up, "Then we have to find it, like PRONTO, because I miss having my ice brother around!"

 Zane chuckled, "In time, I might return. For now we have bigger problems to worry about." Sensei nodded in agreement, turning to his students, "Zane is correct. Right now we have to focus on stopping Cryptor before his plan falls into place. Nya and P.I.X.A.L will look for Zane's parts, while you four will figure out what's next in Cryptor's plot, understood?"

 Cole, Jay, Kai, and Lloyd all bowed, "Yes Sensei."

 "Good, now hurry, we mustn't waste time," the aged master said. With that, the four left, leaving Sensei, P.I.X.A.L, Nya and Zane alone in the room.

 Back in Borg Tower, Cryptor had begun to make the place more at home. Most of the citizens were in hiding, while most were in captivity along with Cyrus in the towers dungeons. Cryptor looked out to the city, which had now been made in his image, the statue of Zane had been taken down, replaced with one of himself. He grit his teeth, thinking of how that ice ninja survived the golden weapons unspeakable power, perhaps there was more to this Nindroid then meets the eye?

 "No, don't be stupid," he told himself, "He's nothing but a tin-can with feelings." Perhaps he was only hearing things, maybe this was all just in his robotic head. He refused to believe that that one ice ninja was alive and still operating, he wouldn't allow himself to get beaten by the original, he had been made to kill, not to be defeated all so easily by one of his own.

 In came a Nindroid soldier, "Sir. The prisoner you requested is here at the moment." Cryptor smiled, "Bring him in."

 Two Nindroids dragged Cyrus into the room, keeping him up due to his crippled legs. Cyrus struggled against their clutches, "Release me, I demand that you release me!" Cryptor chuckled, his back turned. "Do you actually believe I would stay away for too long?" he laughed.

 "I'd expect you, a robot, to listen to your creator," Cyrus spat. Cryptor frowned and made his way over to the disabled inventor, once their faces were inches away from one another, he slyly said, "Your not my creator. I was created out of evil itself. My master created me, not you, a human. So pathetic you cant even make a decent creation fit for fighting. Sure, you are famous, but with what? Piles of junk, that's what I say."

 Cyrus felt a sense of hurt, he then glared at the general with hatred, "You wont get away with this, the ninja will put an end to your plan, I assure you!" Cryptor chuckled, "Quit making me laugh, four-eyes, take him away, he's beginning to annoy me."

 The Nindroids dragged him away back to the dungeons, Cyrus yelled, "YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS!"

 Cryptor heard the last of his screams, his eyes glanced out the window, he grit his teeth in rage, his hands balling into tight fists. "Oh I will," he snarled. He slammed his fists onto the table, "I shall, and I will defeat the ninja, I shall and will have my revenge."

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 3]
Guys, I've decided to move the day of updates on Cryptor's Revenge to Saturday instead of Friday because well, due to some homework, I always get delayed so yeah, you guys cool with that? Ok, good, anyway, so deeply sorry to keep you all waiting but I finally decided to update, and I gotta say I love the way I revised this, it came out pretty good, anyway, it seems that P.I.X.A.L has reached the ninja, and it looks like our favorite kick-ass crew has found out about Zane's survival, oh my goodness what a shocker! Also, screw you Cryptor for insulting Cyrus's innocent little face, as well as his reputation, and how dare you take away his wheelchair?! I just want to throw him down on the ground, take out my kunai daggers and-
 Sorry, I lost myself for a moment there, but yeah you get my rage, anyway, I do hope you enjoyed this chapter, and be sure to check next Saturday for the next! Until next time, have a Sunny Saturday, and thanks for reading!
Triplets by NinjagoninjaZXGIRL
A drawing of the three BrookStone triplets, known as Devon, Nicholas (Cole), and Thornia ^^ I think this came out great and its so adorable .w. Enjoy!
Ok so, I was just searching Tumblr posts and then I came upon this one, that said "Anyone else think the song at the end of the Titanium Ninja is related in some way to the song at the end of Gravity?" Curious I decided to look up the soundtrack and when I played the final track my mouth dropped open, in shock





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