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 Chapter 23: A Friend Will Return  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Jay put the finishing touches on the rebuilt robot, and smiled with glee, "Yes!" He had finished! Now all he needed now was to insert the rare power source, and Zane himself. The lightning ninja frowned and put a finger to his lips in thought, there was no way he could get both back here in time, for one thing, the Nindroids had probably gotten rid of them. But even if they haven't he still didn't have enough time to go after anything more. He sighed and looked back at the little kids, they seemed to be play fighting with wooden swords and fake weapons, he gave a weak smile, then again frowned, his friends needed him now, more than ever, and what was he doing? Standing around!

 Just then a large crash came, Jay was knocked off his feet, he soon got up and the other kids cowered behind him, they shuddered in fear, Jay stood his ground in front of them, "Don't worry, kids...nothings gonna hurt you."

 However what came in was not what Jay expected, the door opened and in came a Samurai, holding a laptop. Jay's eyes widen as well as his smile, "Nya!" The Samurai removed her mask and grinned, Jay ran to her and wrapped his arms around her, sighing in relief, "Your ok..."

 "Of course I am, what did you expect? I'm the sister of the Ninja of Fire, nothings going to take me down!" Nya exclaimed. Jay smirked. The kids all looked up at her in awe, Nya smiled and said hi to a few, right before Jay asked how she got here, "Ok, how and why are you here? I thought you were at the doctors!"

 Nya nodded, "Yeah, but well, I recovered. But that's when I saw the MechDragon flying overhead, and saw someone jump out of it, and into the ocean, her hair gleamed so I assumed it was P.I.X.A.L, meaning the others had gone captured as well. So I told Mr. Neptune if I could check out of his little clinic and he agreed, after giving me some cold packs just in case my head began to grow heavy on me, luckily it hasn't. I dawned on why P.I.X.A.L would escape and leave the others behind, obviously she couldn't because they would all get recaptured. So as I thought of her purpose for leaving the others it came to me, she was going to bring Zane back before going after the others, so I decided I should help her. I broke into Borg Tower before Cryptor and his goons made it back, and stole back this." Nya set down the laptop on the table, she opened it and called, "Zane?"

 Zane responded, "I'm here." Jay couldn't help but smile upon hearing his friends voice, he looked over to Nya and grinned, "Nice work. Now that I have Zane here, I say we only need one more thing to bring him back."

 Nya was confused, "Which is?"

 "His power source," Jay replied. Nya mouthed the word oh, she thought of something, she ran back to her exo suit, Jay watched her, puzzled, "What are you doing?"

 "I'm just going to make, a phone call," Nya activated the communications on her suit and hoped to reach her caller.

 P.I.X.A.L managed to finally make it out of that hole with a few of the cyan diamonds, she sighed, Jay had only part what he needed to complete Zane's rebuilt form, now if only she could make it back without the Nindroids tracking her down. She looked over the horizon, Cryptor had probably made it back to the city now, was she too late? Had he already killed them? All of them? P.I.X.A.L refused to believe this, she kept going. But with each step, she grew tired. That hit to the chest surely worn her out, her circuits were all fried, and everything in her machinery surely was critically damaged or far worse broken.

 All except one.

 "P-IXAL? PIXAL can you hear me?" came a voice. P.I.X.A.L's eyes widen, "Nya?"

 "Yes, it's me, where are you?" she asked over her communicator.

 "V-Very far from here," P.I.X.A.L replied, looking up at the neon sky.

 "Well, tell me where you are, I'll come pick you up, unless the Nindroids have found you first," Nya stated.

 "O-Ok," P.I.X.A.L uttered. Nya sensed the harshness in her voice, "Are you ok?"

 "Not...exactly," P.I.X.A.L started to sound weaker by the minute, and Nya took note of that.

 "Ok, ok...I'll be there quick...just hang on, ok?" Nya said, P.I.X.A.l responded with a mere yes right before she hung up. P.I.X.A.L mustn't lose hope, once Nya came by to get her, she would tell them Zane's power source was in her possession. She would give it to him, but what if he couldn't finish it? Zane was in Borg Tower, it would take forever to get there, plus they wouldn't be able to pass with an army of Nindroids practically swarming around the city, it was just too impossible. P.I.X.A.L's thoughts were interrupted by explosions in the air, she looked up briefly to see Nindroid soldiers headed her way on what looked to be hover-coptors. She quickly stood up, and ran, the crystals stowed away in her robes, she couldn't let them see she had what needed to bring Zane back, it was crucial and serious. The Nindroids swooped down and drew out their blades, P.I.X.A.L dodged their attempts to slice her, but took one hit to the leg, it brought her down a little, now that she had to limp but she continued to run.

 Then came the familiar sound of a large suit flying in, P.I.X.A.L looked back to see the familiar Samurai X Suit, who belonged to none other than Nya. The samurai saw the trouble and quickly swooped in, using her suits large sword she swiped the Nindroids away, making them crash into trees. She picked up P.I.X.A.L and flew up, only to be followed by more Nindroids in the air. P.I.X.A.L looked into one of her features and found something of her that wasn't broken, a missile. She fired it at the Nindroids and they were sent spiraling into the ocean. "Not bad yourself," Nya commented. P.I.X.A.L smiled at the compliment but then gave in to weariness. Nya saw how damaged she was, she let her lay with her in the cockpit, but also noticed something glowing in her robes, she reached into the droids robes to find the cyan crystals, and to her it looked familiar as well.

 "Zane's power source," she exclaimed in amazement, she smiled.

 They were going to bring Zane back.

 Chapter 22: Loss of Hope and Rescue _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

The ninja all sat in their rusting cell, no one even bothered to make a sound. All hopes were lost, even if P.I.X.A.L had escaped its not like she could survive with the injury Cryptor gave her, and even if Jay was still uncaught, Cryptor would make sure he would be eliminated before they even reach New Ninjago City.

 Even Wu had to admit that things seemed lost now, there was no escape from what was to come next. For once, he did not hope, his spirits dampened, all he saw was shadows, and never ending darkness in the far future. Garmadon was holding his unconscious wife tightly in his arms, the side of his face was showing bright bits of blood, as well as Misako, he didn't think there was any hope for them, no there couldn't be, and to think for a moment there was.

 The ninja were no different, Kai was merely on the verge of death, Lloyd had laid his head on his knees, he needed rest, but Kai decided to give up right there, what was the point anyway? They all were going to be finished right in front of everyone in the city, to strike fear into their hearts, Kai knew it was sickening but it was true, he hated to give up, but, it seems like the only option they had now. Lloyd had also felt like a lost cause, he still couldn't believe Cryptor beat him, beat them all, into nothing but grieving souls, defeated corpses, he wished he could do something but that would only make things worse.

 Cole was even more depressed than the others, he still had what Cryptor said to him playing fresh in his mind, he hated to admit but, the Nindroid General was right, why else would his mother leave him at such a young age? Its not like he needed a detective to figure that one out, yet still, he believed every single word Cryptor said, he felt like a fool, a lost cause, a piece of junk. He let his eyes drift to the floor, he muttered, "We...lost...Cryptor got his revenge..."

 Zane had been anxiously trying to escape his digital prison, but no matter what he tried he would always end up back to where he was, he had been growing frustrated, yet still remained a calm state, but it was really hard to. I mean, his friends could be already captured by Cryptor and his men and where was he? Trapped in a laptop!

 They need me he thought over and over again. They...need me

 The vision he had just days before seemed to come back to him, his eyes grew soft, he knew the smoke visions never lied, but he still didn't want to believe it to be true. He thought of P.I.X.A.L and him, after Cryptor was defeated, they could, no would be together, two compatible souls incapable of being ever taken apart, yes, he would make sure Cryptor never got his chance against her, he would escape and fight him instead!

 Then, he was overtook by a disturbing feeling, his sixth sense began to pick up something, Cryptor, had already gotten to her...and, his friends. Zane's eyes widen, he shook his head and paced around in worry, trying hard not to panic. But it was really hard not to, when he knew the others were in trouble. To this he tried harder to escape, he had to get to them, save them before they reach New Ninjago City! But how, he didn't have a body...

 Suddenly he heard a huge crash from the bottom of the tower, Zane jumped, startled at the sound. Whatever had made it seemed to be coming up the steps, and it sure sounded like something big. Zane feared it was the Mechdragon, but was astonished when a large Samurai Ex Suit came crashing in, Nindroids tried to stop it but stood no chance. The Nindroid's eyes lighten in delight, "Nya."

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 22]
[I'm sooo sorry guys! I was punished for three weeks! I couldn't update, but I managed to come around now, so here you have, chapter 22. I tried my best, and I hope my best is enough, enjoy guys! Have a Sunday Sunday, guys! (with extra cherry!)]
 Chapter 21: Zane's Power Source  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 The Nindroids scanned the entire monastery in search for any leftover prisoners they can contain, they managed to find Pythor up on the top shelf, squirming around in a glass jar. Mindroid got up on a stool and reached up to get it, once the snake saw him he bellowed, "Well it's about time you come for me!" Mindroid rolled his eyes and stuffed him in his robes, Pythor yelled in irritation, "WAIT! GET ME OUT OF HERE YOU METAL SCUM!"

 The Nindroids scanned the entire place, there were no more readings of any signature life forms. However, unknown to them, below the monastery was a secret basement where Jay and the younger students were hiding, silently. "U-Uh, Mr. Jay, I-I'm scared," whispered a girl. "I know, I know, but you have to keep quiet, you don't want to be captured right?" Jay asked in a whisper. The children shook their heads. "Then don't move or say a word, its gonna be ok." The kids nodded and stayed close to the ninja of lightning, quiet as a mouse. The Nindroids finished their search only to find no one was left, the second-in-command to Cryptor gained a message from the Nindroid General, who was still steering the Mechdragon towards New Ninjago City, "Anyone else in that dojo?"

 "No, we scanned the entire place, no signs of life forms were found," the second-in-command stated.

 "Then search outside! Every village and cavalry! The blue ninja is still out of my grasp, I must have all ninja!" Cryptor yelled. The second-in-command cringed at the sound of his command, but nodded, "Y-Yes sir." He ended the message and ordered his men to move out in every village, town, and location in Ninjago, they had to locate all the ninja in order for Cryptor to truly be satisfied.
 Jay waited until they were completely out of the area, once secure they were, he and the students came out of their hiding place. One of them asked the ninja of lightning a question, "D-Do you think they'll find you, Jay?" Jay smirked and shook his head, "I doubt it. I'm more a ninja than they think, if they catch me, they cant kill me." The kids all exchanged confused glances, Jay then changed the subject, "Ok, how would you guys like to help me rebuild my friend before an epic battle starts?"

 All the kids faces lit up, "Yeah!"

 Meanwhile, far from their current location, P.I.X.A.L was clinging onto a piece of driftwood, floating out to sea. She had just jumped from the Mechdragon, because she couldn't bear the thought of her friends defeat. She had to fight, not just for herself, but for Zane and everyone else in Ninjago as well. They all depended on her now. The droid kept swimming, in hopes of finding shore, but she had landed a million miles away from Ninjago, or from any form of civilization, the probability of reaching land before Cryptor and his men do were 1.0, or simply 0.1. P.I.X.A.L however, did not give up, she needed to try, she then remembered that other than Ninjago, there was another island that seemed to be its brother, of course! The Island of Darkness. P.I.X.A.L spotted the shores just up ahead, and with great effort she swam towards it with every last bit of energy she got, despite her being awfully injured, she could still keep on going. The female droid arrived on shore, she desperately crawled up the beach, and laid on her side, panting in cold sweat. She had made it, and right before Cryptor had arrived to Ninjago, now she must really act quickly and contact help, perhaps she could contact Jay. She lifted herself up and ran into the deep depths of the island's jungle, it seemed rather wild, but she decided to ignore the plantation and nature, for she must find some way to contact Jay.

 Perhaps she herself could find some power on the island, that way she could fix herself and contact Jay by herself, but what are the chances of stumbling upon a plane crash, that so happened to contain an operating radio? Still, she had to continue on, maybe she could find something useful here. As she moved throughout the island, she recalled this was the place the Overlord was kept, imprisoned until the balance of good and evil was tipped, allowing him to cross over to Ninjago. Once he did, he transformed into his Dragon form, turning all Ninjago into mindless slaves, the ninja arrived too late to save them, but not too late to still fix things. Having only an injured leg, Lloyd fought the Overlord, conjuring up his Golden Dragon and ridding the Overlord for good, or what it seemed to be. When New Ninjago City was made, the Overlord's ashes, the only thing left of him, was probably made into a computer virus, he must have awoken, trapped in the Digiverse. But yet still, he still had plans for dominant take over. Yet, when he converted himself into the Golden Master, Zane stood up to him and fought with great courage, when the Overlord perished, as well as Zane, everyone thought it was finally the end of him. Zane was the survivor, and if Jay could rebuild him, he would be. But, they still needed to locate his unique power source, but where to find it?

 P.I.X.A.L kept her focus, she needed to find help, and fast. She came upon the heart of the island, which is where she believed Garmadon befriended the Overlord, right before he was betrayed and possessed. P.I.X.A.L saw that the rock that stood in the middle was now destroyed, and that it left a large, bottomless hole. The droid looked in with curiosity, seeing nothing down there, but dark, made chills come up her spine. Yet still, she had to look, maybe she could find something helpful. So, with a wish of good luck, she jumped in, unsure of what was to come next. She fell for what seemed like, a few 40 minutes before landing on hard earth. She was brought down by the impact, but when she looked up, her eyes widen in shock. There before her, was a strange, cyan glowing crystal, submerged just deep into a translucent rock, it's glow reminded her of something that she could not forget.

 "Z-Zane's power source," she uttered, in bewildered amazement.

...since I made a journal

 Although most of the time I'm doing shenanigans, I've decided to inform you guys of my blog. My father has found a way for me to make money online, by creating a blog to sell art or stories, I'm getting on that. But what use is a blog without any viewers? 

 So please, take the time to visit, its not much. I already have two or three chapters up, including the prologue, and for those who are still waiting for the update to Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge, please take the time to read my own story parting from the others I have made. 

 Heres the link, I hope you guys visit:

 Thank you for your consideration, I really appreciate it :3 Emoticon 


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