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 Chapter 32: We Lost

 Garmadon was now fully impatient with the Serpentine. Pythor had sent them out and none were able to return with a mission accomplished. Pythor could shudder, he wasn't that afraid of Garmadon, but he sure felt as if tomorrow, he'd become a skin on Garmadon's wall. He glanced over at the dark lord, his eyes set on the staff grasped tightly in his hands. If only he could have that staff, the dark lord would be no match for the Anocandrai and he could rule this world with an iron fist, or should he say, golden fist?

 Pythor cracked a smile, and he conducted an quick plan to snatch the weapon from Garmadon's prying fingers. He slithered up to his throne, the dark lord noticing him, his crimson eyes edging his way over to the snake. He grumbled something under his breath, "What is it, Pythor..."

 "Well I was, just um, wondering about some things such as your management. You know, the way things come around here," Pythor hissed, "you really should work on the way to treat your minions and don't get me started on your temper."

 Garmadon furrowed his eyebrows in suspicion, he gripped tightly on the staff, "Well for your information snake I happen to like the ways I rule around here. It seems to me you should be wondering about something else, perhaps the fact that you have only today left to live." Pythor gulped, "W-Well, I," he cleared his throat, "I happen to not like to think about my concerns, maybe you should recommend doing that yourself."

 Garmadon chuckled, kind of lightly, but still the sarcasm was clear in his voice, "Sure, snake-breath. Except don't have any worries."

 Pythor seemed to find that to be a lie, "What about the fact that the ninja just might defeat you, again?" Garmadon jerked his head sharply towards Pythor, making the Anocandrai shudder with fear. "How dare you speak of that now, am your ruler, and no one else! DO NOT THINK TO INSULT ME AGAIN! DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHO HAS THE POWER TO GET RID OF YOU?!"

 "W-Well, we wont know if my men have failed unless they come back again with the task complete, now wouldn't we!?" Pythor snapped.

 "OH I HOPE THEY DO," Garmadon snapped, rising from his chair and pointing the staff at Pythor, "BECAUSE IF I FIND OUT THAT YOUR MEN FAILED ME AGAIN, YOUR HEAD WILL GO ON MY WALL!"

 Pythor gulped, and somewhere in his clever mind he hoped Please let my men reach here and make sure that red fire ninja baffoon is put behind bars!

 Apparently, the doors to the castle busted open and in came two, wet, and tedious looking Serpentine. Obviously they swam all the way from here. Garmadon turned his attention away from the shaken Anocandrai and towards the two that had entered, they looked beaten, bruised, and a bit singed. But what had Garmadon angry was that they had come back empty handed. He sharply turned to Pythor and whispered threateningly, "When I come back...your DEAD."

 The dark lord turned away from Pythor and headed for the door, though on the way out into the real world, he barked orders to all his men and some clever Serpentine left. He had had enough, using Pythor and his slithering pawns of idiocy. Now, he decided to take matters into his own hands. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Uh, guys? Do you think that he's going to make it or what?

 Shut up! You don't want to disrupt his rest!

 You sound almost like Zane

 Oh shut up!

 Both of you are acting foolish, stop goofing around and be qu-


 Too late, he's already waking up

 Zane woke up with a painful sensation running through him, he looked down to check himself to find that the part in his chest that had been hit by his own shuriken had been mended with some fixing. He winced and looked up to see his two teammates, and the girl that helped him run, and another one he could not make out. Before he could ask, Lily broke the silence, "Its a good thing your awake, these two were starting to get on my nerves with all their ranting." Cole and Jay shot her a look, and Jay was the first to complain, "I don't like this chick."

 Lily growled at him making him shut up, Cole looked a bit confused at the new girl that he just had met, he kept glancing back and forth towards the girl Zane knew, and the girl Zane didn't know. He finally had a chance to ask, "Uh, excuse me, girl I recognize, and girl I do not recognize, do you mind introducing yourselves?" He paused once he realized he didn't speak in hiss, he felt himself, the scales were gone and so were his tail. He'd been turned back to normal! "I'm, myself! can that-?"

 "Back when Ninjago was young, I studied antidotes and medication. There are more ways to stop Fangpyre venom you know," Lily stated, smiling, "also, my name is Lily, as for the woman beside me, I do not know her as well."

 "Andrea," Andrea replied. Lily's eyes widened, and for a second she seemed to act like a statue. All three guys looked at each other, confused, but when Lily turned around to face Andrea, the elder soon recognized, her eyes went wide as well, "S-sis?"

 The three all looked surprised, not very, but they still looked shocked. Lily muttered something, avoiding Andrea's gaze for a while, "I-I...I thought you were dead..."

 Andrea swallowed, a shadow of sorrow hinted on her features, "I survived..."

 "Why didn't you come look for me?" Lily asked, somewhat in a demanding tone.

 The elder played nervously around with her fingers, obviously she felt uncomfortable, "I-I...I was..."

 Lily looked at Andrea, a bit cross, she growled and turned away, she felt betrayed. How could her sister be alive, and she had not known of it? She always visited the lands of Ninjago, why didn't she spot her before? It almost seemed like Andrea was purposely hiding from her, she felt even more hurt. Andrea couldn't help but feel guilty, she had put the fate of the world ahead of her own family, how could she have been so forgetful? This was not some easy thing to forget, she knew she had had a family, but she was too busy doing her job she was too blind to realize. She wanted to say sorry, but stopped herself, things such as this could not be fixed with a simple apology, Lily would most likely never forgive her if she treated all this as a joke.

 But alas, Lily could only feel happy that her sister, her long-lost sister, was alive. Alive! No matter how angry, or how much hurt she felt from Andrea, she still put that aside, her sister was alive and that's whats important. Though although she felt all of this inside, she didn't have the nerve to show it, her sister still sort of abandoned her, when she could've helped her throughout the years.

 Soon enough the silence was just to uncomfortable for Jay to handle and so he broke the silence, "So, two, make up or what?" The two looked at him and for once it wasn't in anger or hatred, it was nothing more than a pitiful look of sadness. Still it managed to shut Jay up again. Zane rubbed the back of his head, Lily questioned how he was feeling, and he answered with a mere fine. "Though my head still feels light, and I kind of still feel some nausea, I guess I ran for too long," Zane groaned. Much to the ice ninja's surprise, Lily laid him down onto the moss bed, Zane soon realized they were in some shade shelter. But he didn't care, the moss was soft as silk and made him feel sleepy. "Rest then, its just the medicine taking affect, soon you'll be ready for battle once more," Lily stated, putting a hand on his forehead. Her hand felt warm, but still cool to Zane, it was the perfect temperature, and it just was enough to make Zane relax.

 But then Cole just had to pop the question, "Uh, Zane? Why exactly were you running?" The ice ninja's eyes went wide and he suddenly remembered, "Oh dear god..."

 "What? What happened?" Andrea asked, almost quickly. Zane sat up a little and shook his head in worry, the others grew more concerned, he looked at them and said, "The reason I was running was because I was going to warn you..."

 They all exchanged worried glances, Lily then asked, "Warn us? Warn us from what?" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Kai awoke to find the ground shaking, the whole island seemed to be under the influence of a massive earthquake. The roars and cries of ragons could be heard outside his bedroom, Inferna had also awoke and was on the roof roaring and pounding her feet nervously. Kai got up, careful not to fall due to loss of balance, and then took a glance outside. He gasped upon seeing Skeleton and Serpentine warriors moving out towards the island, some in copters and some on Snake bikes, arrows and crossbows ready. The dragons all roared in fury and also in fear, some flew off while others stayed to defend the island. But what most surprised Kai was the fact that Garmadon himself soon showed up inside of a skeleton vehicle, a golden staff in his hands. Kai couldn't believe what he was seeing, Garmadon was in possession of the Staff of dragons! He grit his teeth, They'd come for me, haven't they, now all the dragons are going to be put at risk because of me...I cant let that happen.

 He reached for the paper wings in the corner of his room, but before he could strap them on, Inferna roared loudly, Kai was knocked off his feet, his head hit the marble floor hard and he let out a painful wince.

 Outside the palace, it was all chaos. dragons and warriors all fighting one another, Garmadon being the one to lead them, though he wasn't so focused on the dragons at all, all he wanted right now was Kai. He spotted a palace just far to the north, no doubt Kai was inside, it seemed too easy. He chuckled, ready to finish what he started. 

 As the battle continued on outside, Kai slowly got to his feet and looked out the window. Inferna was no where to be found, he grew worried, had she left to join the fight? He hoped she'd return safely to him, but right now he had bigger things to worry about. He finally managed to strap on the paper wings onto his back, his body itching to get airborne, as well as join the fight. But as he was about to make the jump for the window, there was a loud banging against the palace doors. Kai stopped dead in his tracks, he heard the sound of wood banging on wood. They're trying to knock the door open. He wouldn't allow them to take him, even without a fight, he ran straight for the window only to find snakes climbing up the walls. He glanced around, slightly panicked and remembered the observatory in the palace, he ran straight for it, ignoring the fact that the skeletons had now successfully opened the door and began to pour in along with the Serpentine warriors. He glanced behind him and quickened his pace once seeing them catching up, he reached the observatory, the top had been knocked off, probably a dragon used it as a weapon against skeleton or Serpentine troops, which only made Kai's plan easier.

 He turned and became suddenly cornered by the Serpentine and Skeleton warriors, they smiled, believing they had just finished their task. "Game over, hothead," a Serpentine hissed. Kai bared his teeth and stood at the edge of the tower, looking down smiling. Then looked back at the troops and gave a smirk, "So you think." He then let himself fall, and the troops all looked down from there, shocked, but were knocked off their feet once Kai picked up air and began soaring straight up the sky. He laughed as he reached the highest point, "Wooohooo!" Inferna looked up and glanced above him, her eyes drooped in worry, she gave a low whine then turned her attention to the skeletons and Serpentine.

 Kai swooped downwards and made himself completely airborne, then tried not to get lost in the amazing feeling. He looked straight down to see the war going on, then noticed the Serpentine already drawing their bows, pointing straight at him. Not this time, the fire ninja thought. He swooped down, the Serpentine opened fire but he gracefully dodged everyone of their arrows. He then spun to the other side, in a zig-zag kind of way, avoiding the crossbow bearing skeleton troops. He couldn't help but feel sorry for some dragons that had gotten shot down and were now being taken capture. It made him mad, he was the prince of these creatures and he wasn't going to let them down. He swooped down to where an ice dragon was being caught in a net, he punched the skeletons which maintained the net, and used one of their swords to cut the dragon free. The ice dragon bowed its head, and Kai bowed in return, the dragon returned to join the fight. Kai took for the skies again and continued to help with the battle.

 Garmadon noticed him in the air, and his eyes widened, "But how?!" One look at Kai gave him a cross feeling he just wanted to shoot him out of the sky! Garmadon glanced at his staff and a dark thought seeped into his brain, he cracked a wicked smile, "Well...what comes up, must come down."

 He aimed his staff straight for him, Inferna saw the danger, and she knew what was going to happen if she didn't do something quick. She swooped down in front of Kai. Kai seemed to notice her fly in, and flew towards her, "Whoa girl! You ok?" Inferna only responded with a shrill roar, she flapped her wings at fast rate, trying to pull himself out of the way of the impact. Kai though found this confusing, "Whats up with you?" Inferna roared, this time in a low whine, looking back at Garmadon who was now ready to hit his target. Garmadon smirked and pointed straight for Kai, his smile only growing wide and crazed, "See you in hell, fire ninja."

 "Inferna whats wrong?" Kai asked, now fully concerned. Inferna flapped her wings and again pleaded, but nothing seemed to get him to move, she heard the dark lord fire, and that's when her instincts took over. Before the shot could hit its true target, she threw herself in front of Kai and took the impact herself. The fire ninja was shot back by the loud BOOM that came along with it. He caught air again, and time seemed to freeze when he realized what had happened, the horrific scene flashing before his very eyes...Inferna fell straight from the sky, hitting the ground with a loud thud. The whole island seemed to freeze. Only Kai moved at fast rate, he screamed but it was drowned out by the sounds of battle. Garmadon turned and saw Kai dive down towards his dragon, and was shocked to find he had missed.

 Kai however reached Inferna, but even though he hugged her snout like he always did, he could not get the heartwarming response he always received from her. Her heat had left her body, her chest singed. Kai shook his head, his eyes wide in horror. "N-No...NO NO NO! Inferna! INFERNA!" he screamed. He shook her, pleading for her to get up, and be ok, but she only fell gently to the earth, limp and lifeless. He couldn't stop the tears from coming down, even if he tried, he didn't care, Inferna was gone.

The other Dragons, had been captured, the skeleton and Serpentine now hauling them into copters, the battle was over...Garmadon had won. Kai hugged the snout of his beloved friend, his tears rolling down his cheeks and onto her bright, sunset-colered scales. He couldn't help it, he knew he had almost knew her for a few short days, but she had helped him so she was gone.

Garmadon watched as Kai grieved over his Dragon, he rolled his eyes, "Pathetic."

 Kai paused, lifting his head up from Inferna's snout and sniffled, his grief turned to hatred, and fury. He wiped the hot tears out of his eyes and sharply jerked his head in Garmadon's direction, his eyebrows knitted in fury. Garmadon could only smile at his sudden fury, a fiery look in his eyes, "Hm, you look better."

 "You," Kai growled, his hands tightening into tight fists, he had a sudden urge to punch Garmadon in the face, better yet a punch everywhere hard enough to slaughter his insides out. He didn't want nothing more than Garmadon's pain, which would surely make a great exchange for Inferna's death. Garmadon sensed his inner wishes to murder, smiling, "You don't stand a chance against me, hothead."

 Kai got to his feet, he took off the set off wings strapped to his back and pulled up his sleeves, "Try me."

 Garmadon smiled, and readied himself, of course he didn't really need to since he had the staff within his grasp. But he decided to amuse himself and have a little fight with Kai just for entertainment. Kai huffed, and stomped his foot on the ground, alike a bull patting the dirt as it prepared to charge, right now, Kai was like a steaming bull: driven and angry. Garmadon decided to use that as a way to complete his capture, so he stuck out the staff as if it were a red banner, and smirked, "Come and get it."

 Kai's blood boiled and he soon lost it there, he charged, "AHHH!" Garmadon pulled the staff away, Kai fell forward towards the dirt, he grit his teeth and looked back at Garmadon, his anger rising inside him. Garmadon only waved the staff, "Hehe."

 Kai charged again, and this time Garmadon kicked him in the gut sending him flying straight for the forests, Kai hit a tree and let out a loud grunt. He then turned and faced the villain with angry eyes, he wanted to end this now, all he wanted was Garmadon's blood on his hands, his skull being crushed by his own strength. He could imagine his enemies screams in his ears. Kai almost flashed a crazed smile before attacking again, Garmadon blocked his every move and everyone of his hits, Kai managed to grab hold of his arm and twist it all the way. The dark lord shrieked and Kai kicked Garmadon down, kangaroo style, the dark lord slipped by and pounded Kai hard in the lower back of his spine, Kai gagged, but didn't let that stop him. He turned and kicked Garmadon straight in the head, and he swore he heard something crack. Garmadon winced and grabbed a hold of his jaw, Kai grinned, he managed to break a part of Garmadon's mouth. But even that wasn't enough for him to be satisfied. Kai lashed out, ready to rip his enemies head off, but Garmadon saw through him and swung against the sensitive part of his spine, Kai shrieked and fell to the ground, temporarily paralyzed.

 Garmadon hoisted himself up from the ground and looked down at his defeated foe, he smirked, and grabbed Kai up by the hair, Kai let out a low cry of pain but Garmadon pulled his face towards him to make him stare right into his eyes. Garmadon laughed, "I finally got my hands on one of you ninja...maybe now you'll be used for something more useful."

 Kai glared at him, Garmadon tossed him over to two skeleton troops, he ordered, "Lock him somewhere secure! Make sure he never escapes until I get through with him and his friends." The skeletons nodded at their master, and Kai watched as the fiend walked away, the staff radiating power in his hands. He tried to yell but his voice cracked, and all of his spirit was taken right out of him. He was nothing more than a broken soul, Inferna was gone, Garmadon had was all over...

 They lost...

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 32]
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 Chapter 31: Fire Rules, Snakes Drool _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 Kai woke up in pain, sitting up slowly and leaning himself against the wall, he groaned. Ever since his back had been punctured by an arrow, his nights have been nothing more than a pain in the back. Stupid snakes making my back hurt his mind grumbled. He laid back down only to have much more pain rack his entire body, he shot up and whimpered, this was going to be one hard night.

 He glanced out the window, he saw Inferna in the trees, she looked somewhat troubled too. Kai grabbed the staff from beside his bed and used it to help himself walk to the window, he called out to her, "Hey, psst, Inferna!"

 The female dragon turned her head towards him, and turned it sideways as if to say Yes? What is it?

"I cant sleep, can you?" he asked. Inferna shook her head in response, Kai nodded, "Yeah, what if we go explore the island?"

 Inferna whined a bit in concern, obviously Kai knew what she was getting at. His back was sprained and any sudden moves could cause him much pain. Kai however ignored this, "I'll be fine, lets just ignore the fact I got shot by an arrow and look around. I bet your itching to stretch those wings of yours, aren't you?" Inferna glanced at her wings and poked them, Kai smiled and flung himself over the railing of the window, "Alright, lets go explore, though I cant jump far, uh...can you-"

 Inferna flew from the tree towards Kai, scooping him up, "Whoa!" She threw him over her back, and Kai laughed, "Good girl! Now onward!" Inferna proceeded towards the islands forest and they began the great tour of Dragon Island. Seeing places Kai had never seen when Lily showed him around, such as the Sea Dragon Pools, and steam-beds, not to mention the Earth Dragon's great mountain dwellings, the whole time Kai was on Inferna's back he was actually having a good time. "Whoa," a mysterious spot caught his eye, he looked forward to a cavern that was beneath the mountains of the Earth Dragons, so low the water surrounding the island seeped inside. "Whats that down there?" he asked, curious. Inferna flew downward and landed beside the pools, Kai slowly dismounted her and proceeded to lead her through the cave but she shook her head, the fire ninja looked confused, "Why? Whats wrong?"

 Inferna just shook her head and patted the earth with her scaly foot and planted her behind and whole body on the grass, Kai looked at the caves and then at Inferna, "Ok, you can stay here, but if something happens, run." Inferna whined at his response, Kai pet her snout, "I'll be fine, girl, I'm the ninja of fire. If someone dares to mess with me they'd be nothing more but flames." Inferna snorted, seeming to chuckle. Kai then turned towards the cave and jumped on the rocks that lead to it. Once inside, it was dark, he looked around and felt the ground for anything he might use as a torch. He found a thick twig against the wall, dry, not damp, it was perfect. Kai ignited a flame from the tip of his finger, touching the twig he made a torch, the cave soon emit with light. He could see the walls more clearly now and the water flowing throughout the cave reached to his ankles. He trudged forward ignoring his dampened clothes, the torch light revealing the way. As he continued, he began to notice a few objects that seemed to shine in the wall, and more soon came into view. "What the," he uttered in amazement.

 He moved towards the cave wall and brushed away the dirt to reveal a glowing crystal, it seemed to be part of the wall itself. "Whoa," Kai cooed. His eyes enlarged, the light affecting him, something about its glow caused him to be distracted. But he was suddenly snapped out of the trance once he heard a loud clank in the distance. He raised his torch in defense, shouting out, "Who's there?!" His voice echoed throughout the cavern, and after it, nothing. Kai narrowed his eyes to try and focus his vision, and he thought he saw two figures in the distance. He began running towards them, not caring if he made noise. But once he approached, he couldn't believe what he saw. Crystals, big, medium, and small all grew at the heart of the cave, in multiple colors, some were coming from the ground while others formed in the cave walls themselves. It looked like one ginormous kaleidoscope, and to Kai, it was absolutely beautiful. So beautiful he went into his trance again, too distracted to notice two snake warriors sneak up behind him, until it was too late.

 Kai was grabbed from behind, a cloth placed over his mouth, he screamed and thrashed around, the snakes laughter ringing in his ears. Soon enough the alcohol on the cloth took affect and Kai reluctantly closed his eyelids and gave in to sleep. "That wassss easssy," one of them hissed.

 Inferna woke up, her senses picking up something wrong, something has happened, to Kai.

 She looked into the cave, swallowed hard and trudged inside, fast so she could catch up to Kai. She had to find out what has happened, her friend needed her now. She came upon the two snakes about to take Kai away, but once they saw Inferna they would've wet their pants, if they had any. Inferna's troubled expression turned into a wicked snarl, her teeth baring sharp and her nostrils puffing out smoke. The snakes kept absolutely still, not wanting to become toasty snacks for this fiery Dragon. But she gave them a look that demanded Put. Him. Down.

 Once they didn't she decided to fire, the snakes screamed and dashed for the exit of the cavern, Inferna roared and went after them, her fiery breath licking at their heals. "I blame you for thissss!" one of them hissed. "Me?! Its not my fault we're being chasssed by a dragon!" the second shrieked. Inferna's roars were heard behind them making them quicken their pace but it's kind of hard to do that since they carried unconscious Kai on their backs. Once they made it out of the cave Inferna could finally stretch her wings and roar as loud as she could, creating a fire ring around them, the snakes had no where to go, they were circled.

 Inferna glared at them, the snakes gulped, obviously this was not a good plan. They set Kai down, and ran for their lives, Inferna grabbed them with her talons and dropped them into the sea, the snakes swam fast away from the island. Inferna made the flames die down so she could wake Kai, once he coughed she knew he was ok. He woke with a groan and saw Inferna, "H-Huh..."

 She looked at him in concern, Kai sat up with the help of her. He was bushed, tired still, like he had just woken up. "I...I had a crazy dream, some snakes nearly kidnapped me and you were there and you-" he paused once he looked at where they were, the singed mark of a fire ring surrounding him and Inferna. He hit his forehead, "That wasn't a dream was it..."

 Inferna shielded him with her wing, obviously she was growing protective, Kai sighed and leaned against her, "So now their after me...what else can go wrong?"

 Chapter 30: History Lessons _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 One day has passed and Cole, Andrea and Jay were still moving forward. There was no sign of anything or anyone, I guess you could say their progress was getting no where. "Ughhh! Where are they or whatever it is we're looking for?! We've been walking for twelve hours and the sun is already going up!" Jay whined, scratching the back of his neck.

 Cole yawned, he had to admit this search was taking forever. But he dare not question Andrea, after all she was guiding them, they needed all the help they could get. Andrea looked back at them, shot a glare at Jay and continued forward, Cole however felt uncomfortable with the silence and decided to pop a few questions, "So, exactly are you a ninja?"

 Andrea paused, recalling the memory, fresh in her mind as if it were yesterday, she looked back at Cole and almost pulled out her Kunai daggers. Cole avoided eye contact with her, he was beginning to feel uneasy, believing  he had just upset her. But to his surprise, she sighed and replied, "Its a long story..."

 "Do tell!" Jay chimed in, desperate for something to talk about, Cole couldn't agree more. Andrea began her story, "Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, using the four golden weapons you possess. I know you've heard this story a hundred times, but this one has a more interesting difference. While he made Ninjago he made the two seas that made it up, now you may have heard about this from Sensei Wu, he told you these two seas were split, they became the Islands of Darkness and Ninjago. They were all just one world until a dark spirit known as the Overlord rose from the earth seeking rule and power. The First Spinjitzu Master fought against him, but both were equally matched, that is until the Stone Army were created. As the fight continued, the balance shifted, and so the First Spinjitzu Master was left with no choice but to divide Ninjago in two."

 "So that's how the two seas were created?" Jay asked, curious.

 She nodded, Cole listened with interest, she smiled and continued, "Months passed and The First Spinjitzu master feared that one day the Overlord will return, with much stronger forces at his side. So he took this time to create the Fifth Golden weapon, the gateway of peace and harmony for all worlds: The Staff of Dragons. Now the power of the Staff of Dragons is quite much more powerful than the four weapons themselves, meaning that if chaos were to spread, and the weapons remained useless, the Staff would be used to bring peace and harmony to the land. Whereas, The First Spinjitzu Masters assumptions were correct. The Overlord returned, with much more fiercer forces to help his evil bidding, it was a great and glorious battle, to which lead to the fall of the First Spinjitzu Master. Once he perished, his own wife took a stand to defend her two children, as you may know, Wu and Garmadon, and to avenge her one and only true love from evil itself. She struck the Staff into the earth, creating a massive power wave, that surely brought the Overlord and his minions to their end, to be shunned away once more. In the process, she had written the prophecy of our calling, the Ninjas of Legend. So if the world were to be threatened by evil itself again, we shall rise to put an end to the dark ages."

 The two blinked in surprise, "Whoooa." Andrea chuckled, "Yeah, it's really amazing isn't it."

 "Um, yeah! But that still doesn't explain how you became a ninja, I mean sure she created our calling but that doesn't really count right?" Jay asked. Andrea could only laugh, "Of course not, and be patient, I'm getting there. Didn't your mother ever tell you good things come to those who wait?" Jay shut his mouth, his face turning red, Cole snickered.

 "Anyway, after the great battle against evil, his wife was quite ill and weakened from using the power of the staff. Her two sons, they took the responsibility of caring for her, and doing what they needed to do around the house, everything was about fine until...she passed away," Andrea said, solemnly. The two frowned, looking quite grim. Andrea shared the same expression, then she continued, "The two were heartbroken, and realized they must do better to make their parents proud. The two overlooked the prophecy and tried to make something of it, but as they tried finding new recruits, none seemed to be fit for the job. Some were turned to stone, others were killed in battle, and some even spent eternity as Dragons."

 "Wait wait, are you saying there were other ninjas back then with our elements?" Cole asked. Andrea nodded, "But they lacked honor and heroism, none were truly fit for the job and the two were ready to give up...until..."

 "You came along right?" Jay asked.

 She smiled, "Yes. It was a rainy afternoon and I had wandered off to their doorstep. Now I was nothing more than a little girl with no home and no recall of my past, but the two took me in. Took care of me, raising me as their own, just as they had done so to the others. But I, to them, was different. For one thing I wasn't haughty, or in need of riches, I just wished for a better life, and that's what they gave me. They had given me a home, food, clothes, those two were known as my fathers...that I so greatly loved."

 Cole couldn't help but smile, he remembered when Sensei Wu took him in, and he had been given the same treatment, he somehow felt the same way as Andrea when she first came to the brothers. "One day, Garmadon had a thought he hadn't had ever since they had started looking for other ninjas. He told Wu and he thought he was insane. But I managed to overhear Garmadon saying how this could be a good thing for me, and that I might be one of them. So the following day, I was put into training by the two, and I had to admit, it was hard. But due to my one-tracked mind, and competitive spirit, I focused on beating the training course and moving onto the highest marks in training, my Dragon Potential. Now before you ask, you all saw that I could turn into a Dragon right?" Andrea questioned.

 "Wait! So your saying we can do that too?!" Jay shrieked, obviously excited. "When the time is right yes, you four will learn a lot in the future, especially that, so its important you keep your focus. But enough about that, let me continue," Andrea stated.

 So she spoke again about how the two had helped her reach her full potential and treated her almost like a daughter, Cole listened intently, just as Jay would with Nya. "They helped me reach my full power, and how to gain control, I was like ten when this all happened and things couldn't get better," she smiled, then frowned, "but alas, all good things must come to an end. You see, the time I came was when Garmadon was still in the influence of the Devourer's venom. So of course after a few centuries the poison managed to reach his heart and he grew more wicked and greedy. He was jealous that I had possession of too much power so he plotted to get rid of me with my own weapon, the Staff of Dragons. Wu saw through him and warned me of this, I didn't fully understand what he had meant, until now. He sent me off with the staff to hide it, and I did. That's when the two fought against each other and Garmadon was sent to the Underworld, peace had returned for many years. While in hiding I trained more and became more fluent with my elements, finally unlocking my Dragon Potential. But though, Garmadon found me in that temple and stole the Staff back...he now believes I'm dead...but here I am...still in search for hope...hence the prophecy..."

 The two exchanged shocked faces, Jay was the first to speak, "So Garmadon is in possession of the most powerful weapon in all Ninjago?! How could you let this happen?!" Cole hit him in the ribs shutting him up, Andrea looked away in sorrow, he went to her and put a hand on her shoulder, "Don't listen to him, he's just a bit grouchy for not getting sleep.

 "OW!" Jay cried, glaring at Cole, who shot him a look. "But, how long ago was this? When he stole the staff from you," Cole asked.

 "Ten years ago," Andrea replied.

 "Well, that doesn't mean anything! You still have time to gather all of the Ninjas of Legend you just have to keep yourself focused, I mean, we've all already been found, and soon enough the others will be found as well. With you to lead us, no threat will be too big or bad to disrupt the peace," Cole stated, patting her back. Andrea looked at him and smiled, "You know what, Cole...your right, I shouldn't worry so much...heck I bet Garmadon is not even beginning his plot right now-"

 All of a sudden two figures broke through the bushes, looking quite bushed. The three stood their, surprised. It was Lily and Zane, who was muttering words under his breath, his eyes half-closed, ""

 The two of them passed out on the grass, and it was with most shock that Cole and Jay saw Zane had a tail! Andrea's eyes widened, she glanced at the other two in concern, Cole scratched the back of his neck, whispering, "I was wrong."

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 30]

 Chapter 29: Meet ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Zane awoke to find himself tied up, he became full alert and looked down to see some skeletons gathering around a fire. They were sharing a meal and laughing, obviously celebrating in success of his capture. The ice ninja struggled, but his limbs felt numb and asleep, he didn't have the strength to loosen the ropes, along with him being upside down, his stomach started to reconsider whether he should keep his lunch. The venom had already started to affect him further. He now had fangs, and his eyes were becoming slits, but he refused to turn, he had to warn his friends.

 Zane looked down at the skeletons, they were too busy having a good time to notice him at all. He processed it in his head that if he were to swing back and forth, he might have a chance at escaping. So, slowly he moved himself forth and back forth and back, until the rope finally snapped, allowing him to land a few feet from the skeletons. The boneheads turned in confusion and once they saw that he had escaped they immediately drew their weapons, Zane got to his feet and began to sprint, the skeletons followed in pursuit. Zane had never run so fast in his entire life, especially since he was really ill, but that didn't make him stop. The skeletons right behind him ready to skewer him with their pointy swords. Also, the ropes were making it hard to run but that didn't matter to Zane, that is until he reached a dead end of trees. He gulped and looked back, the skeletons were getting close, he backed away a little and made a high jump just enough to land him on the top of the gorge. The skeletons saw and grit their teeth, Zane smirked and ran into the woods, his mind not wanting to stop. But just as he was gaining speed his legs fell asleep, his eyes widened. No no not now!

 He struggled to keep up but his legs were just too exhausted, the venom affecting his system, making him weak. Oh how he had wished he had not been bitten by that Fangpyre. Finally his legs gave in and he fell to the ground, his face meeting the dirt. He spit out earth and struggled to wake his legs up, no use. God damn it! Why does this always happen to me at the worst times?! The skeletons found him on the ground and smiled with pleasure. Zane glanced at them nervously, too afraid to say anything.

 "Looks like you'll be meeting Garmadon very soon, and he has a shot, just waiting for you," one chuckled. The others laughed along with the skeleton, Zane uttered a silent prayer to himself and hoped for the best. But, of course nothing would happen because stuff like that never happens only in cartoons, right?

 But suddenly, from the trees jumped an individual women cloaked in grey, she screamed and landed on one of the skeletons, it shrieked and became nothing more than a pile of bones. The other skeletons glanced at one another, then at the woman. They drew their weapons and she did the same, except hers looked more enchanted. The skeletons were mesmerized by the glowing blue orb at the scepters tip. But they were too late to remember they were supposed to be fighting until it was too late for them to think. In the blink of an eye, the woman had shot out a beam of pure, cyan energy vaporizing the skeletons to nothing but vapor. The remaining skeletons tried to subdue her but they were no match for her power. Once all the skeletons had been dealt with, she turned to Zane and he gaped. The woman happened to be the same one that nearly tried to kill him and Kai! "You!" he croaked.

 Lily sighed, she helped Zane up, "Save it, ninja of ice. We have bigger problems at stake. What's the last thing you remember?"

 Zane mustered to speak, "Well, I was captured for a moment and then freed myself from Garmadon's clutches. He sent out a few troops to rid of me, but now all they want to do is take me back to the-" He was cut off by a sudden ripping nose, he glanced behind him and saw a small green tail forming at his rear end. Lily spotted it, "You've been bitten by a Fangpyre. Oh no this is not good...I better get you medical attention and fast-"

 "N-No wait!" Zane cut her off grabbing her arm before she could run off, "F-Firsssst I have to find my friendsss!" He quickly put a hand over his mouth in shock, he was beginning to hiss, that was not good. Lily obviously read his startled expression, she grabbed Zane by the arm, "Come on, I'll take you to them."

 Zane ripped himself from her grasp, "W-Wait a minute! You expect me to follow you after everything you've done?! You nearly killed me and my friend!"

 "Yes, I know and I'm sorry, I assure you. Your friend, my brother, is out of harms way," Lily stated to him, speaking fast. She was obviously in a rush, something Zane found confusing. But what most surprised him was that she referred Kai, as "What do you mean by brother?" he asked.

 Before Lily could answer, there was a loud hiss coming from behind them, Zane quickly turned to see an army of Serpentine, some on snake bikes, some in RattleCopters and some on land, all of them had one thing in common: they looked ready to kill. Lily grabbed Zane, "Come on! We don't have much time!"

 "W-Wait! W-Why ssshould I follow you?" Zane demanded, a bit cross.

 Lily stared at him, her eyebrows furrowing in frustration, she stared at him, "If you really want to save your land, your friends, and your people...would you really question trusting me?"

 Zane paused, he looked back at the Serpentine warriors, than at Lily. Before he could even think he felt his tail grow a bit bigger. "Alright, I'll go with you," he quickly said. Lily grabbed his hand and ran straight, Zane followed, the Serpentine's battle cries ringing in his ears. He did not trust Lily at all, but did he really have a choice? His head began to feel light, and that was the moment where he started running again.

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 29]
   Ninjago MOS-12 Days of Christmas

*Music starts*

 Jay: On the first day of Christmas, Nya gave to me!

Nya: An eyepatch for your insecurity!

Jay: Aw thanks sw-what HEY!

Nya: On the second day of Christmas, Cole provided me!

Cole: Two santa hats (for her and Jay)

Nya: and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Jay: HEY!

Zane: On the third day of Christmas, my P.I.X.A.L made for me!

P.I.X.A.L: Three metal roses

Zane: I love you!

Nya: Two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Lloyd: On the fourth day of Christmas, my mother said to me! -_-

Misako: Four sentences: Clean the house, bake the cookies, light the tree, look nice!

Lloyd: Mom!

Nya: Three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity

Jay: I'm done

Kai: On the fifth day of Christmas, the Serpentine dreamed of-


Pythor: We were so close!

Nya: Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Sensei: On the sixth day of Christmas, the others gave to Kai



Nya: FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Lloyd: On the seventh day of Christmas, Morro brought

Morro: Seven kickass ghosts! 

Ghosts: YEAH

Nya: Six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Zane: On the eighth day of Christmas, dear Sensei gave us

Sensei: Eight Christmas errands!

Cole, Jay, Zane, Kai, Lloyd: NOOO

Nya: Seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Kai: On the ninth day of Christmas, Skylr gave to me!

Skylor: Nine pizza orders!


Nya: Eight christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Misako: On the tenth day of Christmas, my husband sent to me *sniff*

Garmadon: "Ten Christmas blessings" to provide Lloyd and you

Lloyd: ~m~

Nya: Nine pizza orders, eight Christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Cole: On the eleventh day of Christmas Jay and I recieved-

Jay: Eleven fruit cakes!


Nya: Ten Christmas blessings, nine pizza orders, eight Christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Jay: The last straw!

Lloyd: On the last day of Christmas my friends all gave to me!

All: Twelve packs of candy!

Lloyd: YES

All: Eleven chocolate cakes, ten Christmas blessings, nine pizza orders, eight Christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats-

Nya: and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurityyyy!!!!



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