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 Chapter 9: Surprise in Town _______________________________________________________
Skeleton warriors, Kruncha and Nuckal sprang from the bushes to tackle the foe they were to attack, yet only to find it was only a harmless squirrel. Kruncha quickly got up, the squirrel ran off frightened. Nuckal was still on the ground, which was good for Kruncha, since he was able to kick him to his feet. "Ow ow!" Nuckal yelled.

 "That wasn't them, idiot!" Kruncha shouted.

 "Well sorry for not looking right, I cant see well through bush leaves ya know!" Nuckal stated, putting his bony hands on his hips to protest. Kruncha rolled his eyes and grunt in frustration, "If we cant carry out Lord Garmadon's plans, we're both done for! So we gotta do the job right, ya bonehead!"

 "Alright alright, hold your thestrals," Nuckal uttered.

 Kruncha shook his head, he then heard the sound of footsteps, he gasped and pulled Nuckal and himself into the bush they chose to hide in, "Keep it down! Someones coming!" Nuckal instantly shut his mouth and watched along with Kruncha on who was approaching.

 It so happens the two people were Kai and Zane, they appeared to still be in search for the other part of the prophecy, and they so happened to be right in front of Kruncha and Nuckal!

 "This is it, Nuckal, time to fulfill our job," Kruncha stated. The two counted down to three and sprang out, although they were too late as the two ninja had already sped by. "Aw come on! This is all your fault! I told you we should've counted faster!" Kruncha yelled.

 "I wasn't the one counting slow! You were the one that was counting slow!" Nuckal shouted.

 "NO! IT WAS YOU!" Kruncha screamed. The two soon broke into a fight, hitting and punching one another, while Kai and Zane still were on the run in hopes of reaching the next village in time before sunset. "So (pant) do you think anyone else is going to come at us this time?"

 "I doubt it, though I do sense an evil presence near," Zane replied between pants.

 "Like what?" Kai asked.

 "Its best we don't find out," Zane stated, stopping a few miles from the next town, "Why would you want to know?"

 "So we can be prepared," Kai responded, stopping as well, "You know! So we could be less clumsy with our actions."

 "We weren't clumsy, just surprised and a little late on the fighting, its common human reaction," Zane explained. Kai shrugged, "Whatever, all I'm saying is, if we run into some other ninja, we best be prepared, don't you think?"

 "What if its another enemy?" Zane asked.

 "We deal with that later," Kai said. Zane pondered at that, then shrugged it off. Right now they had bigger things to worry about, such as where else to look, they had already searched ten villages, and it was getting late, they needed a place to take shelter. Upon arriving to the next town, the ninja took off their hoods, and decided to walk through the village to not raise suspicion, if they ran into another ninja, they wouldn't be able to suspect anything. Zane thought most of what to do if another ninja attacked, he wondered if there were more than that one they had faced in the other village. "Kai, do you think there will be more ninja such as the one we fought earlier?" he asked.

 "Of course, I doubt that ninja works alone," Kai replied, waving at a few fans he passed by.

 Zane was still a little nervous, "I just feel that we would be outnumbered." Kai sighed and turned to his friend, putting a hand on his shoulder, he said, "Zane. Relax. If there is more than one, we can take them, its not such a hard task. We've done it before, why should this time be any different?"

 "Well, they're like us," Zane stated. Kai paused, trying to conjure up what to reply, but he had nothing, "Huh. I guess you have a point."

 "Exactly, that's why I'm a bit unsure of what to do if we run into a bit more," Zane explained.

 Kai pondered for an answer, in the meantime they kept walking, passing by a few stores and houses. Zane thought they should be looking for the scroll, "Uh, Kai? Don't you think we should be looking for the scroll? You can answer my concerns later." Kai snapped back to the real reason they were here, "Oh yeah. Ok, you check the west side, I'll check the east side of town, got it?"

 "Got it."

 "Ok," Kai began, "We'll meet back at the inn, we'll be staying there tonight, unless an emergency occurs, alright?"


 So the two headed off in separate ways, Kai headed for the nearest store, and Zane headed for the library, surely the other part would be in there, since its filled with scrolls. Once inside, he could tell it was very empty, except for the librarian. Zane greeted her, and she responded with a kind hello. He then began to search the shelves for anything that might relate to what he was looking for, but instead he couldn't find anything, "Hmm." He began to think, where would they keep such a thing like that? An idea formed in his head, probably Ninjago's history! He went over to that section and searched the shelves, not noticing someone else over there as well, well, not until he bumped into her. "Oh, uh, excuse me miss," he said politely. The woman eyed him with suspicion, noticing his armor and ninja robes, she got a thought, and that's when she decided to ask Zane, "What are you looking for?"

 Zane turned to face her, the woman had chocolate brown eyes, pale lips, a simple face and beautiful, curly brown hair that went over her shoulders. She wore white and grey attire (mostly grey), and wore a silver bracelet. Zane wasn't sure how to answer her, he has never talked to a lady, besides Nya that is, but he answered her, "Uh, well, its, something of importance."

 The woman raised an eyebrow, obviously she knew something was up, she knew this man was a ninja, no doubt, but what could he possibly be looking for that was important? He's probably here for the same reason she thought. She reached behind her, where she had a pair of ninja stars, yet before she pulled them, she decided to get some answers from him, "Why exactly is it important?"

 "Well, um, its none of your business," Zane replied. The woman glared at him, "Really?" she pulled the ninja star from her back and threw it at him. Zane dodged quickly, the librarian was shocked. The woman stared at Zane with an ice cold look, "Because I believe it is."

 Zane's eyes widened, he immediately made a run for it, the woman dashed after him, ignoring the stares she got once she ran out of the building as fast as a speeding cat. The ice ninja looked back to see his chaser throw more stars at him, he in turn returned the favor, one of them dug right into her shoulder, which slowed her down a bit, but it really did nothing in particular. The ice ninja gulped and kept running, he had to find Kai so they could get out of there. The ninja was fast and determined, as Zane sensed, but for what? Killing him? The ice ninja shook the thought out of his head, he had to find Kai, and quick. Once he caught sight of the fire ninja, he immediately shouted, "KAI!" Startled, the fire ninja turned and saw that his friend was being chased by a girl, who so happened to be throwing ninja stars. "ZANE WHAT THE-" Kai was cut off, as Zane took him by the hand and immediately ran as fast as he could towards the end of the town. The woman was right behind them, ready to face them, however Zane didn't stop, he only kept running straight out, much to her surprise.

 Kruncha and Nuckal had gotten back into position, except when the two came running by, their bush was swept away, making them visible, the two shrieked and were immediately knocked over when another figure sped by.

 "ZANE WHY ARE WE RUNNING?! WHERE ARE WE RUNNING?!" Kai asked, a little shocked at his friends reaction.

 "I'm running because she didn't suspect me to! Now where we're going, um, I don't know!" the ice ninja replied. Kai gulped, he then saw a forest up ahead, he shut his eyes, not wanting to crash into a tree. However once they got there, Zane looked to see the woman still running, he then threw Kai up a tree, Kai clung onto the branch for dear life, "ZANE HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!"

 "No I'm simply trying to save our lives," Zane snapped, beginning to climb up the tree. He used the leaves to shield him and Kai's appearance. Once the woman arrived at the scene, she couldn't find them anywhere, even though she looked up, she could not spot the two. She grunt in frustration and proceeded to search the whole forest, once she had disappeared, it was all clear for Kai and Zane.

 Zane sighed in relief, and helped Kai off the branch, though he still clung to him like an attached child. "Kai, let go of me please," the Nindroid stated.

 "I-I...uh," Kai stuttered, looking down and wincing. Zane sighed and set Kai in a soft spot in the tree, which was a little lower from the ground, yet still high enough for the woman to not see them. Zane then saw that the sun had already went down and it had now become night, "We better get ourselves to sleep. Or are you too afraid to?"

 "A-Afraid? Pfft, I-I'm not afraid, why w-would I be?" Kai asked, avoiding the distance from the ground.

 "Kai, I know your afraid of heights, it'll be alright, just don't look down," Zane said calmly. Kai hugged the tree branch and tried not to stress, Zane sighed and came over to him, pulling him off the branch and laying him upon the dry, soft moss, "Sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. I'll keep watch." Kai yawned, "O-Ok..." he then attempted to fall asleep, and before Zane knew it, the fire ninja was out cold. He chuckled, "Ah, Kai."

 He looked out to the stars, and wondered why that woman wanted to know what he was looking for...perhaps she was another one of the foretold ninjas of legend? She did have throwing stars, such as his, but why were they looking for the same thing they were?

 Zane yawned, yet he refused to sleep...all this was too confusing to him, he might think about it more tomorrow, right now, he had other things to worry about.

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 9]
Ugh, I hate homework...but it's all worth it if it gives me time to write this, enjoy this weeks chapter, guys! :3
 I'm really, REALLY really sorry for missing out on deviantart, when I returned the number of messages I had matched the same number of days in a year! Oh gosh, I'm so sorry...:crytard: 
 Its just that, high school just started, and I'm having major trouble adapting to the new schedule, the new system, you know, that sort of thing. Being a freshmen is hard...

 But enough about my school, I'm gonna make sure to respond the best I can to my messages, I know some of you may also be busy, so I guess we're even. But I'll try my best to keep in touch with all of you, just don't expect sooner replies, I hope you guys can understand. 

 Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it, you guys rock! Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up) Jammin' 
 Chapter 8: Two Prophecies _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Sensei and Lloyd awaited in the Bounty. Its been two days since the search, and things were getting trickier, the sky was beginning to storm, and the Skeleton warriors were on the move. These conditions were making it harder for the villagers to focus on their daily jobs, and daily routines, better yet it made it hard to live. Sensei looked out to the storm, his eyebrows knitted in worry, "The ninja have searched far, but not far enough. I fear there wont be enough time to find the other half."

 Sensei went inside to find his nephew in the bridge, he was inspecting the local snake and skeleton activity. Lloyd, finally noticing his presence, turned away to face his uncle. His eyes showed curiosity, as Wu noticed, he knew without a doubt he would soon question him. "Uncle?" Lloyd began. Wu knew what was coming, and he was prepared to answer. "If I'm destined to become the green ninja, and the prophecy of the ninjas of legend is somewhere out there, how did you get the thought of a green ninja in the first place?" Lloyd asked.

 Now this surprised Wu, he wasn't sure of how to answer, but he knew how impatient Lloyd was, so he would be expecting a quick response. So he sighed and began to explain, "Long ago. When I was in my teen years, I discovered the prophecy of the green ninja, it came to a shock to me, my father never explained something like this to me and my brother, so it was an entirely new thing to me. Yet, despite my confusion, I understood it perfectly. A few short weeks after, I discovered the prophecy of the ninjas of legend, now that parchment was a bit hard to understand, considering the fact it was referring to more ninjas instead of one specific one. The day when Garmadon turned, I was forced to hide the Prophecy of the Ninjas of Legend, the one that was entitled with the Green Ninja I kept with me. The rest you know."

 Lloyd stood there in awe, "So, your saying, the prophecy that states my destiny is in a separate parchment then the actual prophecy?" Wu looked onward, "Well, I wouldn't put it that way, but yes, in a way." Lloyd pondered at that, "Why is that? Is there something special about me?"

 "You don't even have the slightest idea how special you are, Lloyd," Wu said, chuckling, "everyone has their own destiny, their own purposes, we just have to wait for it to be written."

 Lloyd thought for a moment, "What of the others?" Wu thought, "Well, they have bigger destinies than yours, Lloyd, It's hard to believe, but its true."

 Lloyd would think about that for a long time.

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 8]
 Sorry for the absence!
 Chapter 7: A Snake Encounter ______________________________________________________________

 Cole and Jay were as behind as the other two, but they were making some progress. 

 "Ok, so, I heard Kai and Zane ran into another ninja, can you guys make any sense of that?" Nya asked through her communicator. "No, I didn't think we'd have any trouble running into other ninja at this point," Cole answered briskly. 

 "Well, duh! It's so obvious," Jay replied.

 "How?" Nya asked.

 "For one thing, its probably one of the ninjas of legend, he must be looking for the prophecy too!" Jay exclaimed. 

 "Or a she," Nya pointed out. Jay shrugged, "Yeah, ok." 

 "But for what purpose? The only reason for a ninja of legend to be looking for the prophecy is as if something terrible were to happen," Cole explained. 

 "Well, be sure to be on the lookout then. I doubt there's only one ninja on your tail," Nya stated, signing out. Jay and Cole heard some hissing behind them, followed along with some motors. They turned to find a bunch of snake vehicles with menacing Serpentine warriors mounted on top of them. Their eyes widened out of sheer surprise.

 Pythor smiled upon seeing their faces, "Finish them." The warriors started their engines, and by the sounds of them the two ninja began to make a run for it. "GET THEM!" Pythor demanded. The warriors raced after the two ninja, Cole and Jay quickened their pace, looking back to check how close they were, much to their shock, they were very much close. "Ok, I know Nya said to look out for other ninja, but did she also mean the Serpentine?!" Jay shrieked. 

 "Just shut up and keep running!" Cole yelled in response.

 The two ran faster as the Serpentine began to grow dangerously close enough to run them over. However despite them catching up, Pythor was getting irritated at how slow this was turning out, "They're fast for humans." He took out a dagger and flung it straight for Cole, it landed right into his foot, the earth ninja shrieked. Jay saw that his friend had fallen, he gasped and ran back to him, "Cole!" The earth ninja groaned and brought himself up, Jay assisted him in running. "We have to outrun these guys soon, or we'll be dead meat!" he shouted. Cole panted and looked up at the trees, a plan formed in his head. 

 "Jay! When the Serpentine get close, I want you to jump into the trees and hang on for dear life!" Cole yelled.

 "What?!" Jay shrieked. Cole stopped, ignoring the pain in his foot and turned to face the upcoming Serpentine. "Jay! Jump when I tell you!" He yelled.

 "What about you?!" Jay screamed.

 "JUST DO IT!!!" Cole screamed. 

 The lightning ninja gulped, and waited for his leader to instruct him. Cole waited, and once the Serpentine were close, he ordered Jay to jump. Using his quick instincts and strong legs, Jay jumped up to the highest branch of the nearest tree, hanging on with all his might. He watched Cole anxiously, "Cole! What are you gonna do?!" Cole awaited the Serpentine to come closer, Jay covered his eyes in fear, he didn't want to see. The team leader then drew out his scythe, Skales eyes widened, "FALL BACK! FALL BACK!" 

 But it was too late, the earth ninja brought down his weapon into the earth, the ground below the snakes broke away, they fell into a large ditch. Cole smirked and looked over the edge, "That's for my foot, snake-breath's!" 

 "CURSE YOU NINJAAAA!!!" Pythor screamed, his voice getting fainter and fainter. Jay came down from the tree and pat Cole on the back, "Wow, wasn't expecting that!"

 "Well, you know us ninja, Jay," Cole stated, pulling out the dagger from his heel, "We're all just full of surprises."

 Jay chuckled and the two continued walking to their next location. However, as doing so, both didn't care to notice a Dragon in the shadows, watching them. It growled and flew back, an interesting report this was going to be for the Universe Ninja. 

 I'm really, REALLY really sorry for missing out on deviantart, when I returned the number of messages I had matched the same number of days in a year! Oh gosh, I'm so sorry...:crytard: 
 Its just that, high school just started, and I'm having major trouble adapting to the new schedule, the new system, you know, that sort of thing. Being a freshmen is hard...

 But enough about my school, I'm gonna make sure to respond the best I can to my messages, I know some of you may also be busy, so I guess we're even. But I'll try my best to keep in touch with all of you, just don't expect sooner replies, I hope you guys can understand. 

 Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it, you guys rock! Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up) Jammin' 


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