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...since I made a journal

 Although most of the time I'm doing shenanigans, I've decided to inform you guys of my blog. My father has found a way for me to make money online, by creating a blog to sell art or stories, I'm getting on that. But what use is a blog without any viewers? 

 So please, take the time to visit, its not much. I already have two or three chapters up, including the prologue, and for those who are still waiting for the update to Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge, please take the time to read my own story parting from the others I have made. 

 Heres the link, I hope you guys visit:

 Thank you for your consideration, I really appreciate it :3 Emoticon 
 Chapter 20: Capture and Escape _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Jay quickly set on building the robotic rebuilt. P.I.X.A.L, Zane, and probably everybody else in the world were depending on him, if he didn't finish Zane's new body, who else would be the one to stand up to Cryptor and overthrow him?

 Jay had just finished half the robot, now all he needed to do was work on the legs, and the robots motions, feelings, etc. He had a lot of work ahead of him. Also, he had to find the power source, but where to find it? Jay overlooked the copy of Zane's blueprints and looked for its energy source, he spotted it and began to read the description. It was clear the time Zane's father made this was a long, long time ago, he couldn't read most of the words, but he was able to make out cyan hyper source, rare, can only be found in...

 Before he could read the last words, Jay felt the earth above him shake, he was in the workshop beneath the monastery, but he still felt as if a large explosion had hit. The lightning ninja hid the robot and the spare parts somewhere safe, and hid behind a box of spare parts, he knew he couldn't fight, get caught or killed, not when Zane, and everybody else were practically at sake.

 Meanwhile, above him, the entire monastery became alert of the explosion, another one came just more stronger. Cole and Kai had awoken from their sleep to hear it. "W-What was that?" Kai asked, anxiously.

 Sensei Wu and Garmadon were the first ones to act, they told the children to hide in the basement, where Jay was now. P.I.X.A.L recognized the explosion, and soon enough everyone else did, when the general and his men barged in. Luckily, the kids had rushed safely to the basement, which was now hidden from any prying Nindroid's eyes. Cryptor smiled as he entered, earning glares from all the ninja and Sensei's. "Well, well, I must say you are fools to think I wouldn't find you, but, it was hard for me to do so and for that I say, nice work," he teased.

  "What is your business here, Cryptor?" Garmadon declared, standing in front of his wife, "I demand that you leave at once, and leave us in peace."

"I don't think that will be necessary, Garmadon. I only believe destruction and order, is the way things should be around here, and I will soon get it," Cryptor declared, his voice rising. Lloyd grit his teeth, "Your wrong, we'll stop you, we wont let you disrupt the peace!" Cryptor chuckled and approached the green ninja, Lloyd took a few steps back, "Wrong you are, Lloyd. There can only be order, and pure grief, shall be the only things that works, not hope and freedom, now, if you excuse me, I must attend my work."

 With one swift move, Cryptor stabbed Lloyd's shoulder, the green ninja screamed. "LLOYD!" everyone screamed. Garmadon and Wu sprung into action, Cryptor only blocked their attacks, and managed to land a blow on both, the two sensei's were thrown back against the wall. Misako glared at Cryptor and began to fight, her moves as fast as his, Cryptor couldn't land a blow on her, and managed to get a hit or two from her, Cryptor fell back, he looked up at Misako, "Not bad, for a woman." Misako growled at the insult, Cryptor got right back onto his feet and began to fight more, Misako got a huge hit on her side which made her fall back, she felt weak. Cryptor laughed, "Just not good enough."

 "RAAA!" Kai tackled Cryptor from behind, the Nindroid General fell to the floor, being pinned by the ninja of fire, "YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" Cryptor laughed, "Don't you ever learn?" he stabbed Kai again, the ninja of fire screamed and clutched his wound tightly, Cryptor stood up and grabbed his garb, Kai looked into his petrifying red eyes. "How pathetic, you come, you fight, yet you fail," Cryptor spat. The Nindroid general threw Kai on the floor, the red ninja fainted, Lloyd crawled over to him, still clutching his shoulder tight, his eyes welled with tears, "K-Kai?"

 "Now where is the droid," Cryptor muttered. Cole was next to stand up to him, Cryptor looked at him, he raised an eyebrow as if to say Are you serious?

 "W-What's wrong, Cryptor," the earth ninja said through gritted teeth, "T-Too chicken to fight?" Cryptor rolled his eyes and hit Cole in the chest, the earth ninja grunt and fell to his knees, he felt weakened from the blow, Cryptor chuckled and kicked him to the wall, he then pinned him down with his foot. "You call yourself a leader? What a disappointment, I bet that's why your father, nor mother, ever counted on you," Cryptor cursed.

 Cole gaped, he grit his teeth, "N-No, y-your wrong-"

 "Am I?" Cryptor asked, pinning him down further, "Oh no, why do you think your mom is missing? Your father probably would've done the same." Cole took in what he just heard, he hated to admit it, much as it hurts, Cryptor was right, his mother was no where to be found, perhaps she did leave him for being a failure. Cole held back tears, he was nothing more than a failure, he failed to protect his team, and keep them safe, being defeated by one blow, very weak. Cole let his head fall onto the wooden floor, Cryptor smirked and kicked the earth ninja, sending him into unconsciousness. P.I.X.A.L could see it all happening, she wanted to fight, but Wu instructed her not to, but...she just had to. So, the female droid jumped out of the shadows and onto Cryptor, the Nindroid General was caught by surprise but he was quick to act, with one thrust, he threw P.I.X.A.L down, the female droid coughed and stood up, yet she faltered.

 "Ah, I see you've finally come out to fight, and for what, your friends?" Cryptor teased. P.I.X.A.L only glared with hatred, she lunged at the general, her daggers ready to strike, Cryptor took out his sharp blade and lashed out at her, P.I.X.A.L dodged his every move, and Cryptor did the same. The battle was evenly matched, and only one could be the victor, but who? Cryptor finally managed to make a blow, slashing P.I.X.A.L on the side, the female droid yelped in pain, Cryptor smirked and continued. P.I.X.A.L was now covered in scars, but she kept on fighting, she needed to defeat Cryptor, for Zane and everyone's sake.

 P.I.X.A.L slashed Cryptor's arm and chest, the General grit his teeth to hold in a scream, but he was also doing it to throw P.I.X.A.L off, "You fight well, droid...but not too well." Cryptor then jumped up and kicked her multiply in the head, P.I.X.A.L was thrown back, yet she didn't stay down. Cryptor growled and lashed at her again, yet she still didn't manage to be defeated. P.I.X.A.L took this as a chance to finally be done with him, and so she jumped up with pure grace, and readied herself, but before she could kill Cryptor, the General had raised his blade and thrust it through her. P.I.X.A.L's eyes widen in shock, she looked down at her wound, the blade went right through her, a pulsing ache rose in her throat. Everyone, excluding the ones who were unconscious, looked in horror, Cryptor smiled and took out the blade, letting P.I.X.A.L fall to the ground. Cryptor chuckled, she groaned and laid there, ready to welcome death.

 Cryptor humphed, "I expected no less...pathetic." Ninjago's greatest heroes tried, but had failed. Cryptor ordered his men to take them all, and in just a matter of time they were all loaded into the Mechdragon, ready to be shipped back to Borg Tower, to watch the city fall before them. Once inside the Dragon, Cryptor chuckled seeing P.I.X.A.L on the verge of death, "Your just wimpy as your beloved Nindroid." P.I.X.A.L glared at him, Cryptor laughed and left the corridor.

 P.I.X.A.L leaned against the wall, feeling defeated. But as she gazed around at her fallen comrades...a shameful feeling began to sit in the pit of her systems. It sickened her, P.I.X.A.L couldn't just let Cryptor win...but she also couldn't fight in these conditions, how would she get fixed? She then realized, her eyes widen, remembering. Her eyes moved to the left, and to this she saw a loose door in the mechanism. She thrust forward, with all her strength and began to kick on the weak bars. The others watched her cautiously. They soon gave away, allowing her to crawl through the gap, she looked back at everyone awake. Lloyd eyed her, "P.I.X.A.L?"

 The droid teared away a secret door, which led out to the ocean that they were flying high above, before she jumped she looked at the others, she whispered, "I-I'll return to you all..."

 Lloyd wanted to protest but before he knew it, P.I.X.A.L jumped into the sea, and broke through the water. Her body began to glitch at first, and she thought she might have drowned, but she soon got the hang of swimming. P.I.X.A.L broke through the surface, taking in lungfuls of air, her eyes gazing upward towards the grey, ashen sky. She looked up at the Mechdragon, watching slowly as it disappeared over the horizon. P.I.X.A.L frowned, her eyes showing worry, "I-I'll return...I-I promise..."

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 20]
I sincerely apologize for the absence, I hope you guys aren't mad...well heres chapter 20, just thought I'd update early since I wont be on Saturday due to driving [Going to St. Augustine for Spring Break! Whoo!] What are you guys planning for your break? Don't be afraid to tell me in the comments! Again, hope you enjoy this weeks chapter, thanks guys!
 Chapter 19: Nya's Thoughts _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Nya awoke to find herself in an unknown place, she then knew quickly where she was when she saw an old man making some sort of medicine. She tried to get up but her pounding head forced her to lie down. The old man noticed she had awoken, "I see your finally awake."

 Nya grunted and laid her head on the pillow, she ran a hand through her hair to find bandages wrapped tightly around her head, perhaps she had been found that day when she fell to Cryptor. Though she couldn't help but feel sorry for herself, she had let Cryptor beat her senseless, almost to death, and perhaps the others had suffered just because she couldn't do something right. The doctor noticed her hostile expression and came over, "Hm, I sense disturbance, may I ask why?"

 Nya was amazed at how the doctor knew how she felt just by looking at her face, perhaps she made it obvious, "W-Well...u-uh..."

 "Is it a problem with two boys, or another problem?" the doctor asked. Nya hesitated, she did also have trouble deciding on either Cole or Jay, but still, she felt ashamed of herself for letting Cryptor slip away. "T-That, and...something else, she responded, letting out a groan, talking was sure hard when your head keeps pounding.

 The old man seemed to understand, "I see. Perhaps I shouldn't ask more about this if it is making you uncomfortable." Nya gave a sigh of relief, at least somebody didn't press charges on her, she always got frustrated when someone kept asking her what was wrong, especially when she didn't want to tell. All the thinking made Nya's head hurt more, she winced. The doctor got a cold pack and gave it to Nya, "Here, it should sooth the pain." Nya took it with pleasure and pressed the cold pack against her head, it did help sooth the pain. With this she could relax, she then looked up at the old man, "U-Uh, excuse me Mr-"

 "Neptune. My name is Neptune," Neptune said. Nya nodded, ", Mr. Neptune, m-may I did I get here?"

 "Ah yes, I believe the blue ninja, the red ninja, and Cyrus Borg's assistant brought you here in needs of medical attention, very lucky you are to have friends like them. If you haven't been brought here sooner, you might have died," Mr. Neptune stated. Nya cringed at the thought, she couldn't die, leaving the others to grieve over her, she had to stay strong for the others. Nya felt she needed to get her feelings out, but she felt she couldn't tell Neptune, because, well, he was practically a stranger to her.

 "Are you still troubled?" Mr. Neptune asked. Nya gave a slow nod, not wanting to hurt herself any further. "Well, I guess I'll leave you, to sort things out yourself. Here," Mr. Neptune gave her a note, "the blue ninja left this for you, I didn't take a look at it, perhaps it is best you read it." Nya took it kindly, "T-Thank you."

 Mr. Neptune smiled and nodded before leaving the room. Nya opened the note and was surprised at what she found inside:

 Dear Nya

 Please be ok, I was worried to death for you, I hope you get this message, and I hope that you are ok. We're at Garmadon's monastery at the moment, Kai and Cole are hurt but doing well, and I plan to rebuild Zane in time for the battle with Cryptor, but no matter what happens, know that I'll always love you Nya...even if you don't love me back...

 Love, Jay

 Nya's eyes welled with tears, she hugged the note tightly, "O-Oh Jay...I love you too..."

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 19]
 aaaaand, that takes care of the love triangle!
 Chapter 18: A Friends Help _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 "Release me foolish ninja!" shrieked the miniaturized Anocandrai. Jay had set him on the table as he, Lloyd, and some of Garmadon's students were having a little fun with him.

 "He's so tiny!" yelled one of the boys.

 "Well obviously, that's why he's short-tempered!" Jay joked, making the kids laugh. Lloyd smiled at that, it was nice not to worry for once ever since Cryptor came back for revenge. Pythor was pounding on the surface of his glass prison, not able to stand any of Jay's insults and the kids mockery. He was a Serpentine for goodness sake, for one thing the kids shouldn't laugh at him, they should fear him! However, the odds didn't seem to be in his favor for the last few years, he's been on a wild goose chase trying to find the other Serpentine so they could help him get back to normal, but would they even help him at all?

 One of the kids tapped the glass, Pythor was turning a deep shade of red, due to fury, the little girl laughed and shook the jar, only making the Anocandrai dizzy. Jay chuckled, but then frowned, he still couldn't stop thinking about Nya, he wanted to see how she was doing, and if she was safe, but Sensei insisted staying in the monastery until it was time to put an end to all this. But Jay just couldn't help but worry. While thinking, Jay noticed P.I.X.A.L sitting outside in the gardens, he raised an eyebrow in curiosity and headed outside, Lloyd looked after him what he was doing.

 P.I.X.A.L felt the calm breeze blow through her metallic, silver hair. Alhough all this was relaxing under the calm light of the moon, it still felt empty to her. Of course, she was worried for Zane, she loved him, and who knows what the Nindroid army will do to him? Yes, she had slain Cryptor, but her sensors told her otherwise. What if Cryptor is still operating? she thought. Perhaps I should've been more serious in ensuring  his defeat. If Cryptor was alive, she would make sure he stayed dead once she was through with him, then she could reunite with Zane, and everything will be ok, that is, if it was possible. The Nindroids destroyed the robotic rebuilt of the ninja of ice, how could they possibly build up another one in time for the final fight with Cryptor?

 "Whatcha doing out here?" P.I.X.A.L jumped, startled at the voice, she turned to see the blue ninja of lightning, leaning against the back door, his hands in his pockets. The droid sighed in relief, "I'd ask the same to you."

 "Well, I came to see what you were doing out here," Jay replied, coming over to her. He sat himself beside her and looked out to the peaceful wilderness, P.I.X.A.L joined him. Both were silent for a moment, but then, Jay of course, broke it, "So, anyway, what are you doing out here?"

 P.I.X.A.L hesitated, she knew Jay knew the answer, already. But, he probably didn't know that things were not to be ok after Cryptor is finally defeated, and long gone. "Is it Zane?" he asked. P.I.X.A.L bit her lip, she had to tell someone her concerns, she couldn't hold them in forever, "Yes, and...something else..."

 Jay got curious, "What else is there to be worried about?" P.I.X.A.L buried her head into her knees, hugging them tightly, "I worried about, what will happen after Cryptor is defeated..."

 "Why?" Jay asked, puzzled.

 "I...don't know if things will be ok," P.I.X.A.L said. Jay was now more confused at her statement, "P.I.X.A.L your not making any sense, how could things not be ok? You and Zane could finally be together, and Ninjago will be at peace for probably a long time, how could things get any worse?" P.I.X.A.L looked up and faced him, on the verge of tears, "Z-Zane probably wont be with me...not after Cryptor destroyed his robotic rebuilt..."

  Jay's eyes widened, "Wait, what? Cryptor destroyed the robotic rebuilt?" P.I.X.A.L nodded slowly, not helping to shed a few tears, Jay seemed to notice, inside he felt sorry for her, he knew what it felt to worry about someone you loved more than anything in the world, he didn't like seeing P.I.X.A.L like this. So, he decided to bring her hopes up, "Hey, you know, my father taught me a thing or two about building robots, perhaps I could, rebuild it." P.I.X.A.L wiped her tears and looked at Jay, a hint of hope in her eyes, "R-Really? But how could you possibly build it in tim-"

 "Don't worry about it," Jay cut in, smiling at her, "I can build things pretty fast, they come out all right, I mean, I am the ninja of lightning." P.I.X.A.L smiled weakly at him, then to Jay's surprised, she gave him a hug, "T-Thank you, Jay...thank you so much..."

 Jay couldn't help but smile, "Hey, no problem...that's what friends do for each other, you know?"

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 18]

...since I made a journal

 Although most of the time I'm doing shenanigans, I've decided to inform you guys of my blog. My father has found a way for me to make money online, by creating a blog to sell art or stories, I'm getting on that. But what use is a blog without any viewers? 

 So please, take the time to visit, its not much. I already have two or three chapters up, including the prologue, and for those who are still waiting for the update to Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge, please take the time to read my own story parting from the others I have made. 

 Heres the link, I hope you guys visit:

 Thank you for your consideration, I really appreciate it :3 Emoticon 


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