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 Chapter 8: A Samurai's Chance _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 The Nindroids were just on the base of their headquarters when they heard a loud woosh. They froze and looked around. "What is it?" hissed the miniaturized Pythor. "Shut up," one of the Nindroids snapped. Pythor growled, the second Nindroid aimed his laser at him, "Quit it before I turn you to ash."

 "Pfft, hahahah! You cant do that! What will Cryptor say?" Pythor taunted.

 "He would not like it but I believe he'll want to do the same thing to you if you don't cooperate," the first one bellowed. Pythor instantly shut his large mouth.The two soldiers kept walking towards their base, the ninja not to far behind. They spotted Pythor in ones grasp, all of them exchanged shocked faces. "Pythor is still alive?" Cole said in disgust.

 "I had hoped Zane's falcon ate him," Kai snarled, gritting his teeth.

 "Well we cant allow them to take him back to Cryptor! He could be a benefit to their plans!" Lloyd yelled half-whispered. The other three nodded, sinking back into the shadows, ready to strike the two Nindroids. As the two made there way close to their base, Kai swooped down and dismantled the first, the second was left there, shocked and confused. He looked around for whatever destroyed his comrade, then came Jay who knocked the lights out of him, literally. The four landed on the ground, making sure their foes lied dead and dismantled. "Yes! We did it!" Kai cheered.

 "YOU!" They all look down to see Pythor, who was shaking his tiny fists at them. Jay laughed and took out a jar, Pythor's eyes widen and he begins to run away, "AHHH!" The lightning ninja caught him and dropped him in the jar, he screwed the lid tight so the mini Anocandrai couldn't escape. "LET ME OOOOUT!" he shrieked.

 "Oh my god he sounds like a chipmunk!" Cole snickered. The others laughed. Kai smiled, "I guess you could say, mission accomplished?"

 The four headed back to the hideout to report to Sensei and head out to their next mission, but what they didn't know was that danger awaited them sooner or later.

 Meanwhile, in the market, Nya was overlooking the prices of the robotic parts needed, "No no, eh, too expensive, come on, where are you?" She went through the list again for the fifth time, but the material for Zane's power source was just so rare its like it didn't even exist! Nya was getting frustrated, how were she and P.I.X.A.L going to rebuild Zane now? She told herself to look again, she couldn't give up, this was Zane they were talking about, she wasn't about to give up on her friend now.

 She decided to start from the beginning, looking through the minor parts in case she missed something that matched. However, when she came close to something, she heard one of the shop keepers scream, her head turned to see the villagers run for cover, as if scared, but of what? Nya hid herself behind a crate of metal, so she could see what on Ninjago was going on, she was surprised to find dozens of Nindroids coming through the city. She laid low as they looked throughout the market.

 One Nindroid went over to where she was, Nya hid deep within the shadows in hopes of not being spotted. The Nindroid eyed the machine parts with interest. He turned to another Nindroid and whispered something, the Nindroid nodded. Nya wondered what he had said but soon got her answer when the Nindroids began to raid the markets, the villagers didn't dare try to stop them, but well she had to do something!

 Without thinking, Nya sprang into action, disabling a Nindroid soldier with merely her bare hands, the Nindroids surrounded her but she fought back with bravery, the Nindroids all fell to the ground to nothing but piles of scrap. The Nindroid commander saw her and charged, Nya did as well, she then took out her Samurai blades and sliced his head off with one fast motion. The commander fell to the floor, now decapitated. The samurai landed cleanly on her feet, panting for breath, the villagers cheered her on, she could only smile at this, she loved being a hero sometimes. But her moment was put to an end by Cryptor, who had just entered the village, he stopped in his tracks as he saw Nya and all the Nindroids she defeated. The general was vaguely surprised, "Well well, I didn't expect my unstoppable army to be defeated by one girl."

 Nya grit her teeth at the insult, she felt fury rising inside her, she just wanted to kill Cryptor there on the spot, but could she? Of course you can a voice in her head replied. You've always wanted to be the hero, now is your chance. Nya hesitated, should she really take the chance? Sure, the boys always got the attention, but, they were her friends, especially Jay and Cole. Though her thoughts interfered Who cares if they're your friends, your better than them, now is your chance to prove it.

 Nya ignored the voice in her head, she wouldn't do it for the glory...she would do it for the honor. Nya attacked Cryptor, only to have her blades blocked by Cryptor's metal hand, "How pathetic." Nya growled and fought, she slashed at him, Cryptor drew out his blade and fought back, both were equal in winning, as to losing, but only one could prevail. Nya dodged Cryptors attack, except one that aimed for her leg, "AH!" Nya sunk to her knees, her leg beginning to bleed. Cryptor smiled and kicked her to the ground, the villagers covered their eyes, none couldn't bear to watch. The Nindroid General approached the samurai, gripping tightly on her robes, forcing Nya upward. She looked into Cryptor's wicked red eyes, forcing her mouth to show an angered scowl. Cryptor could only smirk at this, "Such a pity. You've always wanted to be a hero, you had your chance." Nya was shocked, how did he know?

 "But you blew it now didn't you?" Cryptor threw Nya at the wall, the girl fell slowly to the ground, her head now bleeding from the impact. Cryptor shook his head and walked out of the village, his men trailing behind him, thinking How could a girl be a hero? 

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 8]
Ok, I am SOOOOO sorry about what happened yesterday, the reason I couldn't was because something was up with my server, it just wouldn't let me go on Deviantart! Anyway, I hope this makes up for it, and I promise, as long as my server allows me to go on next Saturday, I'll update, so here you go, some foreshadowing perhaps, also NOOOO NYA WHYYYY QAQ WHAT WILL THE OTHERS THINK?!
 Anyway, I hope you all have a Sunny Sunday, and a nice day, thanks so much for reading ^^

Enjoy :D
Fiction-Island-Background by NinjagoninjaZXGIRL
So, I decided to make a series of a bunch of my favorite characters from different shows all acting as one team, I might add more characters in the future, I don't know but I hope you like this! 

Background from Google 
Cole from LEGO Ninjago
Dipper from Gravity Falls
Nepeta from Homestuck
Rainbow Dash from MLP: FIM
Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball
Finn and Jake from Adventure Time 

Enjoy ^^
 Chapter 7: Taken _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 New Ninjago City was as deserted as a the Sea of Sands, most people were enslaved while others stayed in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The Nindroids were patrolling the entire city, while in Borg Tower, more were being produced in the factory line to double their defenses even more.

 Cryptor, however, was not satisfied, he'd finished phase one of the plan, but how to move onto the next? The next phase was to lure the ninja into a death trap in which they'll surely perish, for good. But how is he to do that when he cant even find them? "Why are those ninja so good at hiding, sure its in their nature but why not come out and dance instead?" Cryptor hissed to himself, as he looked out to the distressed city. The place itself had been turned to grey, which was far less appealing than neon, but Cryptor thought that the feeling of depression would help bring their hopes down, so that their faith would plummet before the ninja had a chance to help.

 If they had the chance the general thought, grinning a little. 
 Cryptor eyed the grand map, "Where are you, ninja...why cant I find you..."

 He then heard low beeping coming from the computer. Confused, he looked up to see a pinpoint. Curious, he clicked on it, to reveal, the ninja's hideout. He then realized, the inventor's assistant had run off for help, she might have as went to the ninja for assistance. Cryptor smiled, "Well, well. Looks like she lead me right to them."

 "P.I.X.A.L, could you pass me that wire?" Nya asked. The female droid reached for the cable closest to her and handed it to the samurai.

 "Thanks," she thanked, as she continued adjusting the insides of the robot exoskeleton. Zane watched from the computers, he was most interested in their work on rebuilding him, also didn't find it odd how they didn't have any trouble finding some of his rare parts. But right at the moment he thought of it, Nya cringed as she saw what was next on the list, "Hmm. We need the material shown for Zane's power source, unfortunately, we don't have any of that in stock."

 P.I.X.A.L showed an anxious facial expression, "Are you sure we don't have it?"

 "Positive," Nya replied, "I might have to go out and get it, P.I.X.A.L can you manage the hideout for a short while? I'll be back soon with the parts." P.I.X.A.L responded with a mere nod, "I'll make sure it stays in shape while your gone." Nya thanked her and headed out, leaving P.I.X.A.L alone in the hideout, with no one else than Zane.

 "So I guess we're alone," Zane chimed in, sounding a bit cheery. P.I.X.A.L nodded, "Indeed. But not too long, Nya will just get what she needs for you, and then you'll be back, as soon as that."

 "Right," Zane said, a little hesitantly. P.I.X.A.L noticed the tone in his voice, "Is something wrong, Zane?"

 "What? No, w-why would there be anything wrong?" Zane sputtered, nervously. P.I.X.A.L seemed to notice his anxiety, she looked up at the hideout's grand computer, staring at the blue screen. "Tell me, is there something wrong?"

 Zane didn't reply all too quick, he didn't want to worry P.I.X.A.L or anyone else at all, but then he gave in and sighed, "While in the systems...I found that I could be more compatible with you, but...once I return to my original body, wont it be decided that we aren't compatible?"

 P.I.X.A.L was bewildered at his words, whatever did he mean by this? She thought about it for a moment, then looked up at Zane, "We are compatible, aren't we?"

"Of course we are," Zane paused, "I just don't know if it'll last..." P.I.X.A.L frowned, but their conversation was brought to an end by a loud crash, P.I.X.A.L turned quickly at the sound, the door burst open, and dozens of Nindroids piled in. She gasped. How did they find this place? After all of them came in Cryptor, a smug grin plastered on his face. Once he saw P.I.X.A.L he only chuckled, "So you've decided to go to the ninja for help? Not very smart considering the fact you can be tracked." Cryptor took out a small device that had a blinking light, he pointed it at P.I.X.A.L and soon enough she saw her chest emit a faint green glow, she had almost forgotten Cyrus built her with a tracking device, she looked at Cryptor in fear.

 "How sad it is that you came here to help everyone in the city, too bad we cant let you slip away this time," he hissed. P.I.X.A.L lunged forward, but Cryptor was quick enough to catch her arm before she did any lethal damage. P.I.X.A.L looked up at him, even more anxious than before.

 "My turn," Cryptor readied his laser, P.I.X.A.L quickly struggled out of his grip and jumped out of the way, Cryptor hit the floor, singing it black. He growled and aimed at her again, only to have the same result, "HOLD STILL!"

 P.I.X.A.L smirked and reached the power room, "Zane we need to go, now." Zane laid low as P.I.X.A.L gathered all that was needed, but the Nindroids managed to get to the robot exoskeleton before she did, she gasped. Cryptor entered the room, crossing his arms over his chest, once he saw the robot, he glared at it in disgust, "So it is true. The ice ninja survived his fate, hm? Well then, lets make sure he gets shut down. For good."

 P.I.X.A.L stood her ground in front of the grand computer, and especially the hard rive, Cryptor approached her furiously, he then snarled, "Give me the hard rive. NOW."

 The female droid stood her ground, "Never in your wildest nightmares."

 Cryptor growled at the insult, he grabbed P.I.X.A.L by her robes, "I SAID GIVE IT TO ME NOW!"

 "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY WOMAN!" Zane shouted. Cryptor stepped back at the voice, he looked at the screen with envy, P.I.X.A.L still in his grip.

 "I SAID HANDS OFF!" he yelled. Cryptor scoffed, "Who's going to make me, tin-can?" Zane was about to respond but then realized he couldn't control anything from where he was now, he cursed to himself. Cryptor chuckled, "Pity. I always thought you were weak and pathetic, seeing you survive made me see otherwise, but now that I see this...I go back to my original opinion."

 "Well, your wordplay is weak," Zane teased. Cryptor grit his teeth and let go of P.I.X.A.L, dropping her to the floor, he approached the grand computer, his fury rising, "Why don't I show you a lesson on respecting your peers, Nindroid?"

 "Why don't you go suck a circuit," Zane snapped back. Cryptor gaped at the insult, he growled, "ENOUGH OF THIS!'ll see soon, Nindroid, you will."

 "It doesn't matter to me. Just don't hurt her or I swear I'll make you pay," Zane threatened. Cryptor chuckled with bits of sarcasm, "Sure..." P.I.X.A.L watched in horror as Cryptor yanked out the hard rive, containing Zane, and then walking back to the front door, not before shooting a laser beam straight at the robot body that was soon to be finished, now reduced to nothing but ash.

 "N-No..." P.I.X.A.L quivered. Cryptor looked back at her, a wicked smile forming on the edges of his mouth, "Who's compatible now?" He laughed and left, the remaining Nindroids shot at the hideout, the building caved in on P.I.X.A.L, but she knew she needed to get out quick. She ran through the rubble as the ceiling began to collapse, and made it out before anything else fell on top of her, though, she still felt crushed, they destroyed the robot exoskeleton, and took Zane...what were they going to do now?

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 7]
Ooooh! Suspense and Zane being protective of his honey! Sounds like something out of an action movie, do action fanfics qualify? Eh, what the heck, I gave it my best and well, it turned out to be good huh? I hope you guys liked this weeks chapter, be back next Saturday for another update on Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge, peace out guys! :peace: 

P.S. Have a Nice Saturday (I'm tired) and thanks so much for reading ^^
 Chapter 6: A Comical Search _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
 The two Nindroid soldiers were scouting all over Ninjago for the Anocandrai, careful to watch where they were stepping. Just a few feet away were the ninja, in hiding behind a bush, they watched the two Nindroids with interest. "What do you think their doing?" Jay asked in a hushed whisper.

 "Beats me," Cole replied in a low tone, "I think their looking for something, possibly the hard rive or something else of importance." Kai looked stared at upon the Nindroids in hatred, "Whatever is is, there's no doubt it'll be used to fuel Cryptor's plans to takeover Ninjago, we cant let them find whatever it is their looking for."

 "Agreed," Lloyd said lowly. All four of them nodded and sank back into the bush to keep spying.

 Meanwhile, the Nindroids had finished searching the outskirts of the forest, but no luck on finding Pythor. "Ugh," one of them growled, "Where is that snake?!"

 "Well the general said he would be no bigger than a worm, perhaps we should scan the grounds, maybe we might have a better chance of finding him," the other Nindroid suggested. The first Nindroid pondered at that, "Your probably right. Alright, lets do it." So the two bent down and began to scan the grounds, they looked similar to a bloodhound sniffing the ground for something valuable, the four couldn't help but snicker.

 "What are they doing?!" Jay whispers, holding in his laughter.

 "They look like dogs," Lloyd chuckled.

 The Nindroids continued to search the grounds, though nothing was found except a snapping turtle that seemed to latch itself on ones nose, the Nindroid let out a loud shriek, which made Jay laugh so hard that it nearly blew their cover. The Nindroid solder ripped the turtle from its face and shot a beam at it, turning it into ash (no the turtle QAQ), he and both his partner were growing frustrated. "This is pointless!" The first one stated.

 "Agreed" the second one replied, rubbing his nose, thinking to himself, Stupid nature. The first Nindroid grumbled to himself and overlooked the place one more time, in hopes of finding the shrunken Anocandrai. Where is that blasted snake he thought. The four watched their every move, if they lost the two now they would've have failed the others.

 "Did you hear that the ice ninja is still operating?" the second Nindroid questioned, breaking the awkward silence. The first one looked at him as if he were insane, "Are you kidding me? He was supposed to go down along with the Overlord the day he tried to take over Ninjago City!"

 "I hear Cryptor saying to himself that he cant believe he survived, I cant believe it myself, I thought he was obliterated, he should have, we could use less ninja around here," the second replied. Kai was ready to jump out and have him meet his blade, the other three had to hold him back from doing so. The first Nindroid gave his partner a hard smack on the head, giving him a look that said don't be ridiculous.

 "The ice ninja is dead. Along with the rest, soon to be," the first one said through gritted teeth. The second one didn't dare speak back, he'd had enough pain for one day. The Nindroids continue their search for Pythor, the others have finally managed to calm Kai from his inner outburst. "I'm going to kill those two when I get the chance," Kai whispered half-growled, glaring at the two droids from their hiding place. "Later, for now we have to keep low," Cole reassured. The fire ninja grumbled, which earned a glare from the earth ninja.

 The Nindroids look again throughout the forest, once they finished, they were about to head home when they heard a high-pitched voice from the floor, "I'M DOWN HERE IDIOTS!" The two look down to see who conjured the insult to face the shrunken, bleached Anocandrai, as small as ever, the two snickered. "Finally, little worm. We found you," the first one laughed.

 "I'M NOT LITTLE!" Pythor shrieked. The second Nindroid scooped him up, and looked at his comrade, a smug grin spread across his face, "Well, lets get back to the general and show him the good news, soon the ninja will fall." The two laughed carrying the shrunken Serpentine back to base, not noticing the ninja following behind.

Ninjago Rebooted: Cryptor's Revenge [Chapter 6]
Sorry for the late update, and sorry for this short author's note, its just I'm really tired and its very late, and I'm pretty sure you guys are too, so I'll wrap this up quickly, have a Splendid Saturday guys, and thanks for reading. 
Ok so, I was just searching Tumblr posts and then I came upon this one, that said "Anyone else think the song at the end of the Titanium Ninja is related in some way to the song at the end of Gravity?" Curious I decided to look up the soundtrack and when I played the final track my mouth dropped open, in shock





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