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New Member of the Family ^^ by NinjagoninjaZXGIRL
New Member of the Family ^^
 May we welcome the new member of the family, Ash BrookStone! ^^ 

 Characters-Belong to me
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 [Hey guys, I apologize for being absent from Deviantart, I've had Homework attacks and projects I just didn't have time 'm' please forgive me, and I hope you enjoy this edit]
 Chapter 28: Foul Plans ___________________________________________________________________________________________

 Lord Garmadon drummed his fingers upon the arm of his throne, he was growing impatient, when was that idiotic Anocandrai going to return with the fire ninja? It's only been three hours time, and even now Garmadon was beginning to grow irritated. "Where, is that stupid snake," he snarled under his breath. His skeleton troops dare not disturb him, they might become practice dummies for the dark lord, and they so wished they could live.

 Garmadon sighed and traced the staff with his finger, its power radiating to his fingertips, he smiled, never had he felt such power, this staff was temporally god's tool. He then frowned, "Or my fathers..."

 He then thought back to the image he saw, grasping a local image of Andrea. He had thought she'd died from his own hand back at the temple, his eyes softened, remembering her. Then he shook his head, "No, no...stop thinking like that. Your evil, she's good, she'll never forgive me for what I have done..."

 Though, he couldn't help but have the feeling of guilt. Andrea was one of his most earliest students, and one of the best. He couldn't even remember the last time they had a good time together, and...he had to admit it felt as if he were free from any doubts, or worries in life. But the moment was interrupted by a snake reporting from the WildWood Forest, he looked parched, sweat pouring down his scaly forehead, "L-Lord Garmadon!"

 The dark lord turned sharply towards him, his teeth bared in a threatening way, "Yes."

 The snake gulped before he could speak, "U-Uh, sir, we-we seem to have found where the rest of the ninjas are, sir."

 Garmadon simply forgot about his inner thoughts and gave a wicked smile. Anyone who saw would instantly feel uneasy, "Well, so much for sneaking around, where are they?"

 "W-WildWood Forest, s-sir," the snake replied. Garmadon smiled, "Just a few miles off from the Fire Temple, the perfect place to begin my attack on Ninjago, and..." he pointed the staff at the snakes neck, "the perfect place for me to destroy the balance of good and evil." The snake stood absolutely still, not wanting to get killed, Garmadon glared at him and spat, "Lure them to the temple, if one of them dies, leave them to rot, the less ninja the better."

 The snake nodded and ran off, Garmadon chuckled and looked at the map of Ninjago that hung right on the east wall, he chuckled and pointed towards a location with the staff, "I spy, with my little eye..."

 He stopped once he touched the Fire Temple, his mouth curling up more into a brutal smile, "The place where the ninja will die...and I, Lord Garmadon, will become ruler of this land. Once and for all!"

 He shot a beam at the spot and the flames spread throughout the entire map. The dark lord's laugh echoed throughout the entire Underworld, "HAAAHAHAHAHHAHAH!"

 Wu woke with a gasp, lightning flashed outside, he could only stare out in concern, he looked down to see Lloyd laid upon his lap, curled up and asleep. The aged master still could tell he was shaking, the darkness was edging close. Wu sighed and stroked Lloyd's back, comforting him, while he himself whispered a silent prayer to his students, "Be back soon, my pupils...things, are not going to get better in the future..."

 With that, the sensei fell asleep. Hoping to dream pleasant dreams, and not horrible nightmares.

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 28]
 Chapter 27: Bad Things are To Come __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 Kai woke painfully to find himself back in his room, Inferna had made sure he was brought back to the palace for medical attention, and he had been taken care off. His back wound had been tend to, bandages wrapped around his upper abdomen. Inferna stood perched upon the roof of the palace, Kai looked up at her and gave a weak smile, "Again. T-Thank you." Inferna could only lift her head in pride, the fire ninja chuckled.

 Then in came Lily, and she looked completely distraught, she rushed over to him, "Oh thank the heavens your alright!" She hugged him tight and kissed his forehead, all this affection was beginning to embarrass Kai, "U-Uh, Lily, no need to get all...mushy."

 Lily let him go and scrutinized every inch of his body, there were no signs of any other fatal injuries, so she let out a sigh of relief. But even so, Lily then turned her attention towards Kai and her eyebrows furrowed, a little anger shown on her face, "What were you doing out at night?"

 Kai hesitated, "Well uh, I was practicing...uh, how to fly." Lily gaped, but Kai continued, "I was about to do it on my own b-but, uh, Inferna managed to teach me. I got distracted, and fell asleep on her back and that's when we were a-attacked." Lily stopped him there, looking quite suspicious, "By who?"

 "Well, I'm not sure if you've heard of them but um, Serpentine warriors," Kai replied. She looked at him in horror, "Are you kidding? Of course I know those cold-blooded criminals! Their the most ruthless vermin in all Ninjago!"

 "Vermin?" Kai questioned, trying not to laugh.

 "That's not the point!" she stated, not yelling though. Lily paced around the room and pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration, "Oh this is not good..."

 "Why? I mean, me and the others have defeated them several times, how bad can a few be?" Kai asked. Lily sighed and turned to him, "Kai, you don't get it, if they came here, they must have had a reason, they won't just come for a visit."

 "Well then I suppose they came here to get rid of me? Or this entire island?" Kai suggested, rubbing the back of his neck, he was feeling uncomfortable now.

 "That doesn't even begin to cover it, it means that there's something bound to happen in the future, and its going to be very bad if we don't stop it," Lily explained, turning towards the door and proceeding to leave. Kai nearly jumped out of his bed to follow but forgot his back was still recovering from the arrow shot. Lily looked back at him, a grim expression on her face, "Kai, I'm going to have to go back to Ninjago. Some funny things are going on and I'm going to find out what. You stay here and rest, Inferna will make sure you and the other Dragons are far from harm."

 She then grabbed a weapon from the wall, her own scepter and turned to leave. Kai wished to go after her, but his back hurt a lot, he leaned against the wall rubbing his arm. Now that Lily had left he felt just the same way when he first arrived to Dragon Island; lost, alone and uneasy. Though that felling changed once Inferna popped her head through the window, trying to get inside, only to have herself get stuck in the progress. Kai chuckled and went over to the window, ignoring the pain searing through his body. Though that was not a wise choice for he collapsed right before he got to the window. Inferna caught him with her snout, making him stand upright, Kai smiled weakly, "Thanks, girl." Inferna purred, Kai wrapped his arms around her head, slightly hugging her, he'd only had met her a few hours ago, but he felt a connection to her, he wondered why. He looked Inferna in the eyes and continued to embrace her, she returned the gesture, the two stayed that way for a quite a while, both of their worries whisking away from their minds.

 On the other side of Ninjago, Zane was just making his way into the forest when he stopped dead in his tracks, he felt a cold sensation rising up to his ankles. He looked down to see scales forming at the edges of both of his feet, he winced, he had to move quickly. Each step he took felt more as if her were sinking into quicksand, he had to check a couple times to make sure it wasn't true, the last thing he needed was another problem to deal with. He just had to keep himself moving, if he were to stop now, he would never get the chance to reach his friends to warn him. Better yet he would never stick by their side once the venom's evil code started to kick in. The thought brought a chill up his spine, which was quite odd considering the fact he was the ninja of ice. Come on Zane, don't think that way, your going to make it, just keep...moving. But his walking only grew slower and slower until his legs felt numb, "W-Whoa!" he fell onto the ground, dirt entered his mouth, he quickly spit it out and panted. He tried moving his legs but they were asleep, he whimpered, this can not happen now! He looked up at the sky and his vision began to blur, was the nausea getting to him? He let out a mere groan and passed out on the grass.

 Somewhere up in the sky, Andrea soared high just as the sun began to rise, though she came to a mere halt once she sensed a great disturbance, she stopped midair, knocking the two awake from their slumber. "H-Huh, w-wha-" Jay snorked. Cole awoke after and saw that Andrea had stopped, this confused them. "Uh, Andrea why did we stop?" Cole asked.

 She didn't respond, all she did was look downwards into the forest below them her eyes scanning the area as quickly as possible. The two stayed quiet, and before they knew it, they were coming down. "WHOA! WHOOOA!" Cole hung on tightly to Andrea's back, Jay hung onto Cole as the Universe Ninja spiraled towards the ground. Once they were a few inches close, she didn't slow down, making the guys panic. "ANDREA WE'RE GONNA CRASH!" Jay screamed. To that she screeched to a halt and the two were brought forward into the dirt, Jay groaned as he hit a tree, Cole was spared however. But the lightning ninja was not happy, once Andrea had met up with them, in her human form, now, he was furious, "YOU COULD'VE KILLED US!"

 "Sorry," Andrea apologized, putting away her Kunai daggers, "I'm not too sharp on landing ya know."

 "Well a little WARNING next time!" Jay screeched. Cole got up from the ground straightening his back, "Ooh, ow, my back."

 "You alright," Jay asked, yet his tone a little rude.

 "Yeah, thanks," Cole glared at him. Andrea scouted the area and looked around, "Hmm."

 The two came over after shaking themselves off, and that's when Jay asked, "Ok, so why exactly did we crash land here?" Andrea gave him a death glare, which made Jay keep his mouth shut. Andrea searched around and soon got something, or better yet someone's readings. She pointed south, "We got straight, we'll find who we need."

 She began to go forward, and the two followed without further questions, but there was still one question in mind...who would meet them here?

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 27]
   Ninjago MOS-12 Days of Christmas

*Music starts*

 Jay: On the first day of Christmas, Nya gave to me!

Nya: An eyepatch for your insecurity!

Jay: Aw thanks sw-what HEY!

Nya: On the second day of Christmas, Cole provided me!

Cole: Two santa hats (for her and Jay)

Nya: and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Jay: HEY!

Zane: On the third day of Christmas, my P.I.X.A.L made for me!

P.I.X.A.L: Three metal roses

Zane: I love you!

Nya: Two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Lloyd: On the fourth day of Christmas, my mother said to me! -_-

Misako: Four sentences: Clean the house, bake the cookies, light the tree, look nice!

Lloyd: Mom!

Nya: Three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity

Jay: I'm done

Kai: On the fifth day of Christmas, the Serpentine dreamed of-


Pythor: We were so close!

Nya: Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Sensei: On the sixth day of Christmas, the others gave to Kai



Nya: FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Lloyd: On the seventh day of Christmas, Morro brought

Morro: Seven kickass ghosts! 

Ghosts: YEAH

Nya: Six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Zane: On the eighth day of Christmas, dear Sensei gave us

Sensei: Eight Christmas errands!

Cole, Jay, Zane, Kai, Lloyd: NOOO

Nya: Seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Kai: On the ninth day of Christmas, Skylr gave to me!

Skylor: Nine pizza orders!


Nya: Eight christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!


Misako: On the tenth day of Christmas, my husband sent to me *sniff*

Garmadon: "Ten Christmas blessings" to provide Lloyd and you

Lloyd: ~m~

Nya: Nine pizza orders, eight Christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Cole: On the eleventh day of Christmas Jay and I recieved-

Jay: Eleven fruit cakes!


Nya: Ten Christmas blessings, nine pizza orders, eight Christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats, and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurity!

Jay: The last straw!

Lloyd: On the last day of Christmas my friends all gave to me!

All: Twelve packs of candy!

Lloyd: YES

All: Eleven chocolate cakes, ten Christmas blessings, nine pizza orders, eight Christmas errands, seven kickass ghosts, six elves and ginger, FIVE FANGBLADES! Four sentences, three metal roses, two santa hats-

Nya: and an eyepatch for Jay's insecurityyyy!!!!



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