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 Chapter 4: A Dark Lord's Realization _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

He awoke with so reservation of what he had done before, his red eyes drifting upward towards the moon. He sat up in his bed, he had a weird dream, that an individual ninja was searching the entire world for a scroll, he couldn't make any sense of it at all. He stretched at the sight of daybreak, making his way over to his throne. Garmadon had returned to the Underworld to take control of the Skeleton Army once more, to help him fight against anyone who dared to challenge him. Yet, no one would, and no one could, now that he had the most powerful weapon in all Ninjago: the Staff of Dragons.

 He made his way to the the throne room, all Skeleton troops trembled before him, which only brought a mere smirk to his face. He sat himself upon the throne, the fires burned ablaze, shadows casting all over the walls in his presence. The place itself was ghastly and cruel, no one would survive the night sleeping in its whereabouts. Garmadon drummed his fingers upon the arm of his throne, the Skeletons presented himself to him, yet he shooed them away so he could think. The Skeletons obeyed, fearfully. Garmadon thought of the dream he had had, a lone ninja, on a journey to find an ancient prophecy, now what does that mean? He thought it couldn't possibly have to do with him, could it? Yet he also remembered other glimpses, it seems other ninja were in the search as well, but they seemed to be looking for the half that the lone ninja had, and that lone ninja seemed to be wanting the half that those ninja had. This all was very confusing to him, what ever could they mean? 

 Garmadon glanced up at the Staff of Dragons that hung proudly over his throne, he smiled, it was hard to get it, but it was all worth it in the end, yet he had to keep the Skeleton army at his side so that he would never lose it again. The dark lord grit his teeth recalling the time when he was banished, right before he was, he went for the Staff only to find it had gone missing. So he threatened Wu where it was.

 Wu! Where is the Staff of Dragons!

 Somewhere out of your reach, I'm sorry brother, you left me no choice

 (Growls) I demand for you to tell me!

 I'd rather die!

 [Garmadon grit his teeth and turned to the Golden Weapons, he grabbed hold of the Nunchuks of Lightning and the Sword of Fire, a smile forming at the edge of his lips]

 What good is a weapon if all its used for is collecting dust?

 Don't be a fool, father warned that their powers beyond anything wo-

 Father was the fool!

 [Wu was shocked at his brothers words, yet he stood his ground, still, it pained him to see him like this]

 How dare you speak so lowly of father! We made him a promise, these weapons shall not leave this monastery!

 Then I shall destroy it, and all who stand in my way!

 [Garmadon shot a ball of fire at his brother, Wu dodged, yet his staff was split in two. The ball of fire bounced off to the wall where the two remaining weapons were, they landed near Wu who grabbed them and used their powers to battle Garmadon. Wu struck the scythe upon the ground and Garmadon was shot back onto the patio, he turned and glared at his brother]

 Put those weapons down!

 You this?

 [Garmadon brought his sword upon Wu, yet the young man blocked it with the shurikan, he stared into his brothers crimson eyes, his own began to well with tears]

 Where is the staff, brother?!

 I'll never tell you!"

 [The two clashed with each of the four weapons, a beam of light shot into the sky, sending both of the brothers back. The power off the weapons combined caused the sky to turn dark, it began to pour. Regaining strength, Garmadon approached his fallen brother, his sword ready to be brought down]

 Goodbye, brother

 [Wu looked up at Garmadon, a fearful look in his eyes]

 Garmadon! Do not do this!

 [Suddenly, Wu's kimono began to glow, a large bolt of lightning flashed through the sky, hitting Garmadon. The elder brother dropped the weapons, his skin scorched black, and his hair wild, the earth split and Garmadon fell over the edge into black, Wu gasped and reached out to him but it was too late]


 Garmadon cringed at the memory, since that moment forward, he had focused on finding the Staff of Dragons, even though his first attempt to take the Golden Weapons had failed. Sure, the ninja had defeated him in a battle of good and evil, and to this he assisted them in rescuing his son, but ever since, they remained enemies. Now he had unspeakable power thanks to the Staff, yet how could he use it without a worthy foe? He had killed the all mighty, Universe Ninja. Or had he? Surely...she could have survived that...couldn't she?

 Realization soon struck him, that dream he had, the lone ninja was her, and the other ninja were his brothers students! They were searching for the prophecy! The one thing that could truly stop him!

 The dark lord growled and stood up, he called forth two skeleton troops. The two skeletons arrived immediately, "Y-Yes Lord Garmadon?"

 "Find my foes, the ninja, keep an eye on them, I also want you to keep an eye out for another," Garmadon demanded, his voice cold. The skeletons nodded and left to carry out their missions, the dark lord turned and glanced up at the staff, "If they want it, why don't they come and get it themselves?"

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 4]
 Oh shit, things are going to get wild
 Chapter 3: Explanations  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Kai and Lloyd had not returned from uncovering the parchment they had found, and that had everyone else worried, so they went to see what was up. Once they caught sight of the two, they were shocked, looking very, very astonished. Both had a piece of paper in their hands, what was it exactly?

 "Guys?" Cole asked. The two did not answer nor did they show any sign that they had listened, the leader raised an eyebrow and shook them, they snapped out of their trance and looked up at him.

 "Whats that?" Cole asked, pointing to the paper. Kai handed it to him and Cole and the others read, they were as shocked as the two, "What the-"

 Sensei came into the room and stopped as he laid his eyes on the parchment, his eyes widen in horror as he recognized it. He snatched the piece of parchment from their hands, and demanded, "Where did you find this."

 "I-It was under a bunch of books," Lloyd stated. Sensei Wu looked upon the piece of parchment, his anger rising, "You all were not supposed to see this."

 "Then when were we supposed to?!" Kai shrieked. Everyone else was startled, Kai had never brought that tone of voice upon Sensei. "In a thousand years?! We'd be dead!"

 "Not in a thousand years Kai, just not now," Sensei explained, in a calm voice.

 Kai was yet to be more furious, "How long have you known about this, why did you keep it from us?" Sensei hesitated for quite a long time, he glanced back at his students, as they looked both confused and surprised, while some looked curious. The aged master sighed and began to explain, "Long ago, when time had no know, my father created this world using the Four Golden Weapons, he in turn created the two islands that made it up: the Sea of Peace, and the Sea of Danger. The two seas each had seven islands that were either tranquil, or violent. My father was very concerned for what become of this world, so he created the Staff of Dragons, which was proclaimed to be the fifth golden weapon."

 "There's a fifth golden weapon?" Nya asked in astonishment. Sensei Wu nodded, "Yes. My father created it in case of disastrous events, if the four weapons were to remain useless, the Staff of Dragons would be the one to thwart evil and bring peace and harmony back to Ninjago."

 "Whoa, that's cool," Jay admitted, Zane had to agree with him.

 "But," Sensei Wu interrupted. Everyone turned their heads, "There is a darker side to it. If the staff were to fall into the wrong hands, all of Ninjago would be in complete peril, and darkness would rise for eternity...unless..."

 "Unless, what?" Kai questioned.

 "A group of ninjas are found and united, to stand for what is right, to thwart all evil for good and bring harmony back to Ninjago, this group is known as the Ninjas of Legend," Sensei finished. The aged master looked back at his students, they looked back, speechless, unsure of what to say from what they just heard. Yet the silence didn't last for long, for all you know, Jay was the one to break into speech, "Wow! Can you believe that?! I mean, wow! I cant believe this, we are ninjas of legend! We are ninjas of legend-"

 Cole cut him off from there, "Jay, we don't know that...but uh, Sensei, are we?"

 "Yes, I am curious to know if we are apart of these, Ninjas of Legend, group," Zane questioned, a little curious.

 Sensei gave a smile, "Why else would I recruit you?" The four ninjas eyes widened, Jay of course was the first to jump for joy, which the other three found very confusing. "Uh huh, uh huh oh yeeeah," Jay chanted, doing a little dance. Nya chuckled in amusement.

 Kai still was hostile over the whole thing, "Still, why haven't you told us before?" Sensei's smile faded, he let out a mere sigh, "For your own good." Jay's joy could be subdued, they all stared at Sensei with concerned looks. "What do you mean?" Lloyd asked.

 "I had hoped you'd find out at the right time, not too early, or too soon, but it seems as though I wasn't well at hiding the prophecy, because the prophecy itself was stolen from me," Sensei explained.

 "Stolen?" Lloyd asked confused, "But, how come I-"

 "It seems part of the parchment was stolen from me from Destiny's Bounty's previous owners, a group of barbaric pirates with a lust for gold and treasure. They came upon me and mistook the prophecy for a treasure map, and so they took it from me, only to discover it was only foretelling a legend. Having no interest in it, they stowed it away somewhere in this ship, and now that is belongs to us, it seems Lloyd has come upon it, leading us all to hear my explanations," Sensei stated, explaining once again.

 "I see, but wheres the other half?" Cole questioned.

 The aged master shrugged, "It is unknown, but for the sake of fate, we must hope it isn't in the wrong hands..."

 The night was cold and filled with eternal mystery, the moonlight shone upon the stone walls surrounding Ourabourus. Andrea had taken out the guards and went forth inside, since the rest of the snake army were out carrying out their master plans somewhere else. She'd attend to them later, for now she had to get that parchment before the snakes figured out what it was. She made her way into where they kept the scrolls, each shelf was full of many parchments. Their smart enough to read? she thought, amusingly.

 She looked through each section until she noticed one out of the blue, that so happened to be the one closest to her. She picked it up quietly, and unfolded it, the title read: Prophecy of the Ninjas of Legend. She smiled, this must have been it, why else would the snakes keep it, they must have stolen it from its original spot, or, likely it just came to them. She stashed it away into her robes and turned to find a half-awoken Venomari, she let out a small gasp, she thought she had taken care of all the guards. The Venomari attacked, she dodged, his motions were sluggish and clumsy due to the fact he was half asleep. She made her way past him and dashed for the exit, the Venomari followed her, determined to keep her from stealing. However, he probably should have slept more, for his energy was low, and Andrea's was about as high as the Mountain of a Million Steps. Andrea stayed back a bit to sword fight, though it was really pointless since she was facing a sleepy Venomari Scout.

 Andrea lashed at him, knocking the scout of his feet and back to the ground. She smirked, "Hoped you would have caught a few winks before our fight, otherwise you would not have been defeated." She jumped high from roof to roof, the first part of the parchment was in her hands, now she just had to search for the other half...but where to find it?

NDS Series: Pilot [Chapter 3]
Chapter 3 guys! Ah, I'm so sorry for updating this late! Please forgive me! I had errands to run early this morning and afternoon so here you are, all good and with a cliff-hanger, I just hope you guys enjoy it. 

 Anyway, enjoy the chapter, and thanks so much for reading guys, I really appreciate it ^^;
Episode 55 maybe? by NinjagoninjaZXGIRL
Episode 55 maybe?

Ok so...another theory, so perhaps in the beginning of the season, when the pirates arrive to screw shit up (or maybe some other villain) perhaps Jay is in the center of it as reference to the photo of him entering and running out of the Pub, which is a sneak-peek to season 6 (still don't have the actual clip though, I'm hoping we see it soon!) Anyway. So perhaps in the beginning, while Jay makes it back, he gets bruised, thus the eyepatch in his future reflection, thus Nya being concerned, thus this drawing right here. I don't know it could be another episode further in but who knows? Its just my theory, you don't have to believe it or read it just move along, but I really hoped this drawing is impressive I tried my best. Anyway, goodnight guys, its pretty late and I need my sleep. See ya tomorrow! 

Step 1: Put Your Playlist On Random.
Step 2: Post The First Lyric From The First 20 Songs That Play, No Matter How Embarrassing.
Step 3: Let People Guess What The Song Is, Then Mark Them When They Have Been Guessed Correctly.
Step 4: Looking Them Up On Google Or Any Other Search Engine Is CHEATING!
Step 5: Post This To Your Own Journal, And See Who Has The Same Taste In Music As You Do.

1. No, I wont call you baby
2. Back door cracked, we don't need a key
3. I threw a wish in the well, don't ask me I'll never tell
4. So she said, "Whats the problem baby?"
5. I'm not a fan of puppeteer, but I've got a nagging fear that someone else is pulling on the strings!
6. A-A-Are you ready? Are you ready? Lets go! 
7. B-B-Be careful making wishes in the dark-dark!
8. Some legends are told! Some turn to dust or to gold!
9. They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be!
10. Put on your war paint!
11.  I thought of angels, choking on their halos
12. D-D-Did you trip down twelve steps, into Malibu-u-u?
13. I want to see your, animaaaal side, let it all oooout!
14. When Rome's in ruins, we are the lions, free of the coliseums!
15. Are you ready for another bad poem?
16. Theres a spy, in the alliance
17. Whoa! Going to take em' out, one by one they're gonna hit the ground
18. After the blackout there was darkness in the streets
19. Going full, oh, digital, whoa going full, oh digital, whoooa
20. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Good Luck :smirking: 


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